Essential Equipment and Appliances for commercial kitchens

Essential Equipment and Appliances for commercial kitchens

The right Commercial catering equipment is necessary for the success of your commercial catering business. A better understanding of commercial catering appliances can help you to choose the right commercial catering equipment for you.There are a variety of commercial catering equipment “appliance” types for different uses, here we  discuss catering equipment that most commercial kitchens use.

  1. Bain Marie

Bain Marie is a commercial catering Appliance that is used in most if not all commercial kitchens. Offered in different types and sizes, this catering appliance comes in handy for moderate heating of food or for maintaining the safe temperatures of cooked food over a period of time.

  1. Commercial Oven Ranges

A commercial oven is an another important commercial catering appliance. This catering equipment is offered in both electrical as well as gas versions. These catering applianes come handy for large scale cooking and baking operations. They are available in all different sizes, from 4 burner tops with oven to 12 burner top with oven. Oven can be of static or convection type.

  1. Conveyor Toasters

This commercial catering appliance comes in handy for busy establishments. Commercial conveyor toasters can produce toast in some cases of up to 700 slices per hour. They are very robust and again come in a different size. These appliances are a must for any busy commercial kitchen

  1. Commercial Contact Grills

This is a very common piece of commercial catering equipment it is simple to use and clean. This commercial catering appliance is helpful to maintain the natural food juices and consequently helps in presenting  great tasting and great looking food.

  1. Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fat fryers are a commercial catering appliance that you can utilize for deep frying products in vast quantities. The more modern edition of this catering equipment comes with  robust baskets for frying, oil filtration to recycle frying oils and a timer which aids you to set the time of frying.

  1. Heated Cupboards

Heated Holding Cabinets are an absolute necessity in practically all foodservice establishments. They keep food hot, even hours after it was made, so you won’t waste food or time spent cooking when customers show up in off-hours. With a quality heated cabinet, you will never have to serve sub-standard, cold food again!

  1. Salamander Grills

Salamanders are kitchen appliances used for broiling, browning, caramelizing, glazing, grilling and toasting. They are used to finish off foods, rather than cook them.

There are two forms of Salamanders. One is hand-held; the other is like an oven

  1. Griddles

Cooking with a commercial griddle can have a variety of benefits for busy kitchens. Griddles create an even, golden-brown fry on foods and are perfect for creating crispy crusts due to their ability to apply even heat across the surface of the food. Most models feature side and back splashes to save grease splatter messes making cleanup a breeze. Some griddle models feature individual temperature controls which can allow chefs to cook a variety of foods such as pancakes, bacon, and buns all at the same time. Often thin plates require less energy to run, preheat faster, and offer faster heat recovery during cooking but will drop temperature quicker when cooking full loads. Thick plates are known to retain heat longer, distribute heat more evenly than their thinner counterparts, and are less likely to warp when preheated at high temperatures.

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