Gas Safety Inspection: A must required Service in all Commercial Kitchens

Gas Safety Inspection: A must required Service in all Commercial Kitchens

Gas Safety in Commercial Kitchens.

Gas Safety is an important factor in the commercial catering industry. Appliances are used extensively and will need to be serviced or inspected more than any domestic appliance. All catering equipment manufacturers will state in their instructions that gas catering equipment will need to be serviced at least every 12 months depending on use.IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW THAT ALL COMMERCIAL KITCHENS GAIN A CP42 GAS CERTIFICATE EVERY 12 MONTHS.Most insurers also require this documentation.

  • Your responsibility

While as a reputed school, hospital, restaurant or hotel, you need to ensure that all GAS works are undertaken by a GAS SAFE REGISTERED engineer. It is your responsibility to check your engineer is registered. Ask to see their card. We at NWCE will always produce our gas safe cards when required.

  • How We Can Help:

NWCE  have GAS SAFE REGISTERED engineers and every catering engineer holds a unique ID card that will give details about which area they are qualified to work in.

Planned Kitchen Maintenance Visits:

We can recommend Planned Maintenance Contracts on all characteristics of Commercial Catering Equipment including Gas Appliances; make certain that each appliance is secure for operation. Gas Safety Inspection Certificates can be issued once all Safety Checks/Inspections have been carried out and the Engineer is confident that the Installation or Appliance meets all of the criteria arranged by Gas Safety regulations.

Our NWCE team are ready to attend site at your convenience and we present assured response times either the same day or within 24hrs.

You can also choose options for payments, you can pay at the start of the contract, or if required you can also give payment in installment during the whole contract period. While we adjust the service dates mutually with our clients (at the start or throughout the contract) guarantees less distraction to the client as well as to permit free access to the engineers.

  • Reactive Kitchen Maintenance

We also carry out re-active calls for Clients who not desire to go for a Planned Maintenance Contracts, although our contracted clients always take priority over reactive work

  • New Catering Equipment

We can provide and install all items of Commercial Catering Equipment with unbeatable prices. We have a devoted team of Engineers who are dedicated in this type of work. We also fabricate and manufacture kitchen ventilation systems.


Let’s, have a quick glance over the CP42 certificate.

What is a CP42 certificate?

CP42: Commercial Gas Safety Inspection (non-domestic) is the certified name for a safety certificate that is issued yearly by a Gas Safe engineer or Company to include all installation as well as appliances in your kitchen.

Can NWCE Services Help to get CP42?

We at NWCE can provide you such type certificates. Our Team of registered Gas Safe Engineers, do such type of inspections on a daily basis and also provide work that is required by almost commercial catering establishments. Feel free to contact us or you can leave a line at our email address and our representative will be in touch soon.  We are happy to help!!!

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