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Commercial Kitchen Service and  Maintenance

Did you know that 50% of catering kitchen equipment breakdowns occur due to kitchen equipment not being cleaned sufficiently or due to untrained staff cleaning catering equipment and causing faults accidentally? Did you know that if you regularly deep clean your commercial kitchen equipment, the lifespan of the appliances can be increased? So what’s stopping you from taking out a commercial kitchen service and maintenance plan today?

Commercial Kitchen 24 Hour Response

We have a 24 hour breakdown service for both commercial kitchens and mobile catering businesses. Our cover means that no matter where and when you need help in your commercial kitchen, our trusty team of engineers will be there to help. Our motto is prevention is better than cure, however we understand that life doesn’t work like that. So put your trust in us for catering equipment breakdown cover.

Mobile catering services

Our engineers are fully trained to carry out an extensive range of catering services and maintenance on mobile catering kitchens. All of our work is carried out to the highest standard. And it’s always important to remember that many of the rules and restrictions that apply to traditional commercial kitchens do apply to mobile catering kitchens. And our engineers go above and beyond to make sure that all of the work they do on mobile kitchens complies with everything.

About NWCE

NWCE Food Service Equipment has over 20 years’ experience in the commercial kitchen service industry.

We provide an extensive list of services including catering equipment repairs, catering equipment installation, catering equipment maintenance and catering equipment sales. Choose from a vast range of equipment you find in the best working commercial kitchens.
At NWCE Food Service Equipment, we also use a vast array of suppliers for parts and new appliances. This gives us great capability to drive costs down for you, our customers.

All of our engineers take their training seriously, which is why we make sure they are all trained to the highest standards to be able to deal with your catering equipment. To read more about our accreditations please click here

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