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24 Hour Breakdown Cover

24 Hour Breakdown Cover

24 Hour Commercial Food Service Breakdown

Commercial Food Service Breakdown Cover

Here at NWCE, we offer a 24 Hour Breakdown for commercial food service environments. Our breakdown cover means that no matter where and when you need help in your commercial kitchen, so our trusty team of engineers will be there to help. 
Our motto is prevention is better than cure, however we understand that life doesn’t work like that. So put your trust in NWCE Food Service Equipment for food service equipment breakdown cover. We promise not to let you down, even if your equipment does! Our breakdown cover includes a full range of equipment, so whether it’s your bakery equipment or your ventilation system that’s given up the ghost, our engineers are more than capable to deal with any catering equipment breakdown.

Count on our 24-hour breakdown service to swiftly respond to your emergencies, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum peace of mind.

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24 Hour Catering Equipment Breakdown Cover

Our 24 Hour Catering Equipment Breakdown Cover provides you with an unwavering safety net for your commercial appliances.

This applies to equipment such as commercial stoves to refrigeration units. NWCE swiftly diagnose issues and implement effective repairs, in order to preserve your business’s momentum.


This comprehensive coverage extends to all aspects of your restaurant kitchen, including cookers, mobile catering units and ventilation. So our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of each domain. As a result, we come equipped with the knowledge and resources to address a wide range of breakdown scenarios promptly.


With 24 Hour Catering Equipment Breakdown Cover, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your operations are safeguarded against unexpected disruptions.

It’s a commitment to keeping your kitchen functional and thriving, ensuring seamless operation day and night. Trust NWCE for uninterrupted culinary excellence and swift issue resolution.

24 Hour Refrigeration Equipment Breakdown Cover

Our 24 Hour Refrigeration Equipment Breakdown Cover is your assurance of uninterrupted cooling and preservation. This service gives you appliance-specific assistance whenever your refrigeration units encounter issues.

Our dedicated team of experts is available 24/7 to address minimising potential spoilage and ensuring the longevity of your products.


From walk-in freezers to display fridges, our technicians possess specialised knowledge to swiftly diagnose and resolve a spectrum of refrigeration malfunctions.

As a result, you will receive priority response. So you are guaranteed efficient repairs, and the peace of mind that your perishables are safeguarded.


Our commitment extends beyond mere repairs – we provide proactive maintenance recommendations to prevent future breakdowns. Whether it’s a restaurant or any business relying on refrigeration, our 24 Hour Refrigeration Equipment Breakdown Cover is the ultimate assurance of continuous operations. This maintains the integrity of your inventory and your business’s reputation.

24 Hour Ventilation Equipment Breakdown Cover

NWCE’s 24 Hour Ventilation Equipment Breakdown Cover offers unparalleled assurance for your establishment’s air quality and safety. From this service you gain immediate assistance whenever your extraction and ventilation systems face issues.

In fact, our expert team is on standby 24/7 to swiftly diagnose and address any breakdowns so we can keep your kitchen as a compliant space.


From extraction hoods to ventilation fans, our technicians possess specialised knowledge to efficiently rectify a wide range of malfunctions.

Beyond repairs, our cover includes proactive maintenance suggestions to prevent future breakdowns. This will prevent disruptions within your kitchen’s operations.


In short, the NWCE 24 Hour Ventilation Equipment Breakdown Cover is your shield against odours and poor hygiene. Count on us to maintain a conducive environment, safeguarding both your staff’s well-being and the efficiency of your operations. Our dedicated service ensures uninterrupted kitchen excellence.


24 Hour Fabrication Breakdown Cover

Rely on our 24 Hour Kitchen Fabrication Breakdown Cover which offers steadfast support for your culinary workspace. This comprehensive service ensures immediate assistance whenever your kitchen fabrication equipment encounters issues.

Our skilled technicians are at your service 24/7, ready to swiftly diagnose and resolve breakdowns, in order to preserve your kitchen’s efficiency.


From stainless steel counters to custom kitchen installations, our experts possess specialised knowledge to efficiently tackle a range of fabrication malfunctions.

Beyond repairs, our cover includes proactive maintenance recommendations to prevent future breakdowns. This ensures your kitchen remains a seamless hub of creativity.


Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or any establishment relying on a functional kitchen, NWCE is your only assurance against unexpected disruptions. Entrust our team to maintain a conducive cooking environment, safeguarding your culinary endeavours. This also provides a seamless experience for both chefs and customers.

NWCE Food Service Equipment specialises in maintaining and repairing a diverse range of commercial kitchen equipment, including specific environments like hospitals and fire stations. Our engineers ensure seamless kitchen operations through tailored maintenance plans.

With a rapid 24-hour response and on-site stock, we guarantee swift equipment repair.  Regular servicing prevents costly breakdowns and extends equipment life.

NWCE’s Scheduled Service Regimes: Advantages

Opting for NWCE’s scheduled service regime offers numerous benefits:

  1. Efficient kitchens drive profits.
  2. Longer equipment lifespan curbs replacements.
  3. Enhanced appliance efficiency cuts operational costs.
  4. Reduced call-outs mean lower expenses.
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Scheduled maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and maintains operational flow. Elevate your kitchen’s performance with NWCE Food Service Equipment’s tailored service and maintenance plans.

Commercial Gas Safe 24 hour Breakdown Cover

Our Gas Safety Credentials

Using a qualified gas-safe engineer for gas installations and services in your kitchen or bakery is crucial for ensuring the safety of your staff. Also, compliance with legal regulations. If improperly handled, gas appliances and installations can be potentially hazardous. For this reason, our 24 hour breakdown will minimise downtime and potential financial losses.

Read all about our commercial gas-safe credentials and your domestic gas-safe credentials here.

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