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3 Essential Commercial Ventilation Systems that you must have

Your Commercial Ventilation Systems within your kitchen should be coming together to control your kitchen’s airflow. Through having different means to conduct this, it will quite obviously make the biggest impact. However, if there are so many parts and equipment coming together then it needs thorough planning.

When it comes to ventilation, there is no introduction needed as it is absolutely vital to your kitchen. Not only is it concerning airflow, but it will play a massive role in the performance of staff and overall safety. In short, there is no time for compromises with a Commercial Restaurant Ventilation System.

3 Essential Commercial Ventilation Systems that you must have

In this article, NWCE will be diving into the three essential pieces of ventilation equipment for commercial kitchens. Every Commercial Ventilation System will be needed for the most significant Restaurant Kitchen hygiene upsides. The end result of this will be the fact that there won’t even be a question over your health and safety regulations.

Exhaust Fans are the essential Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System

When it comes to Restaurant Kitchen Ventilation System the first thing to mind will be exhaust fans and vents. Opening a window in a busy commercial kitchen will simply not achieve the necessary the needed ventilation. As a result, fans are the most established way of out with the old and in with the new.

The way they function is extremely straightforward, propelling stuffy air out of the kitchen and breathing in fresh air. Not only will they provide more comfort and remove the odours, but will also permanently remove excess moisture.

One of the biggest choices you have to make with these is whether your fans are ducted or non-ducted fans. A Ducted Fan has an air duct in which dispels any indoor air, smoke or even moistures. Whereas a Non-Ducted Fan will instead filter air using charcoal instead then release the air back into the room.

How Cooker Hoods will benefit your Kitchen team

From domestic to commercial kitchens, every cooker system will need an accompanied cooker hood. This is because the amount of nuances and quality of life features make it a given for any kitchen, beyond ventilation. For instance the additional lighting will definitely be handy and a hood will increase a kitchen’s value.

Back to ventilation, Cooker Hoods immediately eliminate unwanted smoke and steam as you cook including any excess particles. The embedded suction fan removes the odour and grease that are released into the air without you knowing. To take this one step further, they even absorb hot air and displace it, so you can cook in peace.

Above all, Cooker Hoods are a great Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Installation which will essentially futureproof your kitchen. This is because clean ups have been made easier thanks to preventing any greasy build ups occurring. One final point is that the precise ventilation will prevent the growth and spread of any bacteria, keeping your kitchen in perfect condition.

Be prepared with Fire-Suppression Systems

Fire-Suppression Systems are incredibly innovative Kitchen Ventilation Installation jobs that use modern technology to prevent fire incidents. Essentially, these detect any high temperatures or burning and will immediately respond in the event of a fire. Each Fire-Suppression System comes with a gas detector that is connected to the integrated fire alarm system. The System will kick into play and try extinguishing the fire after 5 seconds of detection. This is through cutting supplies, and then the wet chemical system extinguishes the fire ASAP.

These can come in both commercial and domestic models, but are an absolutely must as a Restaurant Kitchen Ventilation System. With more populated places like restaurants and even flat blocks require these due to the amount of people involved. So for Restaurant Kitchen Ventilation Installation services on the UK mainland come to NWCE.

NWCE Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Installations

North West Catering Engineers are renowned for carrying out Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Installation projects across the country. Fortunately we have a team of experienced kitchen engineers who have years of training and industry experience in Commercial Ventilation Systems. As a result, you will receive the highest quality service possible from your initial investment.

Not only do we specialise in ventilation, we specialise in refrigeration, fabrication and overall kitchen engineering. In fact, with our experience we can do any commercial kitchens from bakery to catering and everything in between. This is along with top notch kitchen design services, helping you with planning and carrying out the installations.

So how can restaurant kitchen owners get their new kitchen ventilation projects underway and ready to go? All you need to do as a customer is fill out the contact form and we can get back in touch as soon as possible. So to inform us of your enquiry simply click here.

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