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Maintaining Stainless Steel in your Kitchen | NWCE

4 Methods of Maintaining Stainless Steel in Your Commercial Kitchen

Stainless Steel is the most common material you will see in almost every commercial kitchen. This only requires a straightforward answer, as the design and properties mean it is best suited to foodservice. Considering the amount of factors and considerations needed within restaurant kitchen service UK establishments.

Designing a Commercial Kitchen is hard, no matter if it’s from scratch or working around a pre-existing design. Stainless Steel isn’t just the most popular because of trends; it has been proven to be the most efficient. However, whatever the situation may be there is a company who specialises in commercial restaurant service UK kitchen designs.

North West Catering Engineers have been operating for many years now, across the country. Our job is to tackle any catering kitchen project, whether its maintenance or kitchen design. The huge array of services available will certainly be of use to any commercial kitchen environment.

Why exactly is Stainless Steel used?

Stainless Steel is highly durable, getting rid of the worry of any cracks or dents on your work surface. The design of stainless steel surfaces cater towards longevity, meaning moisture and air won’t make the surfaces rust. In addition to being heat proof and fire proof, so no accident will be causing a disaster.

Low Maintenance is another priority in this high pressure environment, as previously mentioned damage isn’t a worry. A big worry in kitchen settings is cleaning and maintenance, which is especially easy due to the materials. Restaurant Kitchen Maintenance UK will be straightforward, as we will detail later on in this blog.

Stainless Steel Kitchens are perfect for making food preparation an absolute breeze in every way. Bacteria will most certainly not grow on this material, as opposed to wood which is very susceptible.  Commercial Kitchen Service UK is incredibly easy due to using this material, being able to resist heat and damage.

4 Methods of Maintaining Stainless Steel in your Kitchen

Although there are many upsides to Stainless Steel and its properties, you can get the most out of it too. Everyone investing in a kitchen, no matter the context is looking for longevity and quality. NWCE certainly keep this in mind, as commercial kitchen equipment shouldn’t be at luxury prices.

This can be achieved through the following 4 methods, detailed below.

Simple Cleaning

Cleaning allows you to get the most out of any part of your kitchen, but Stainless Steel doesn’t require much. All you will need is water and a wash rag, to simply wipe down the sides and surfaces. No cleaning equipment required, just warm water will be enough if you consistently clean the surfaces throughout the day.

The Effects of Detergent

If you think this is too simple of restaurant kitchen maintenance UK, then you can go a step further with detergent. This is ideal for dealing with built-up oils and grease, cleaning it off without weakening the stainless steel. After cleaning with detergent we highly recommend going over the surface with just water to remove residue.

Avoiding Glass Cleaner

Many people wrongfully use Glass Cleaner on Stainless Steel; specifically put it on the cloth rather than the surface. If done right, this is actually an excellent way of cleaning fingerprints off the stainless steel surfaces. Then the cleaning is extremely seamless and your kitchen should last longer too!

Is there a recommend Stainless Steel Cleaner?

If there is a bigger problem which needs tackling then we recommend using a commercial-grade stainless steel cleaner. These aren’t just effective for cleaning but can minimise scratching and leave the surface polished too. Finally, you will be left with a sparkling clean stainless steel kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen Service UK Kitchens at NWCE

NWCE are the best commercial kitchen service UK, serving the UK mainland and working up and down the country. Each one of our servicing and maintenance services look to reduce your typical repair and call out costs. As a result then you will be able to receive the highest quality and most affordable service.

Although we do boast exceptional restaurant kitchen maintenance UK, there are plenty of other services available. These include catering, refrigeration, fabrication, and ventilation services available for any kitchen. Best of all, we work 24/7 just in case of any potential breakdowns and faults at any point.

 So to get your NWCE project underway as soon as possible, all you need to do is get in touch. Our team are always available for your questions, enquiries and any concerns you may have. To get in touch with the NWCE team, simply click here.


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