Commercial Kitchen Organisation | How to plan a catering kitchen
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Commercial Kitchen Organisation | How to plan a catering kitchen

5 Exclusive Ideas for a Commercial Kitchen Organisation

It doesn’t matter on the size of an establishment, commercial kitchen design is absolutely vital. More specifically, Commercial Kitchen Organisation will definitely influence how smoothly your kitchen operates. This applies to everything from how busy the foot traffic is to your customers overall dining experience.

To be clear, corporate kitchen design is not the same as domestic kitchen design as there is less emphasis on specific equipment. This means that the focus will be on layout and how layout impacts the way the kitchen operates. Ideally, with the help of zoning and basic commercial kitchen organisation planning then you and the customers will see the results.

For Kitchen Design and Installation teams near you, NWCE cover the whole of the UK mainland. Across many years, NWCE have been at the forefront of the commercial kitchen industry. As a result of a whole range of maintenance, repair and kitchen installations at any hour of the day!

A New Way to Store Small Kitchen Appliances

Starting Small with Smaller Kitchen Appliances, these will be the little nuances which will allow you to edge out competition. Customers really appreciate extra thought and care put into dishes so appliances like blenders can go a long way. A harsh truth of commercial kitchens is that there isn’t always place for every last kitchen accessory.

Our solution for this is to use modern storage solutions like shelving and racks. As opposed to cramming everything into a cupboard, these are very accessible means of storage. This is because it will be right in front of staff and is a convenience in a very hectic setting.

This is especially effective when combined with zoning so everything has a place in the open. Zoning will mean that you can put specific kitchen equipment in their designated zone. 

Kitchen Zones will save your Kitchen

Zoning has become essential to every commercial kitchen, as this is an excellent way of building a layout. As previously mentioned, this does wonders for storing equipment but its main use is foot traffic. Simple Kitchen Zoning will rule out the need of chefs having to go from one side of the kitchen to the other.

Best of all, there are many Kitchen Zoning models which are proven to work so the choice is yours. One of the most popular ideas is to plan out a work triangle, going from refrigeration to cooking station to wash station. However, you can select from the island layout, assembly line layout and open layout.

An Island Layout is popular in both commercial and domestic, dedicating the island to one prominent function. The Assembly Line Layout embraces the central row and attempts to create a seamless flow from stations. Open Layouts are seen in most modern restaurants, with customers essentially being able to see their food being cooked.   

Don’t Waste Closed Storage

Closed Storage should be held up in a high regard, as the less of it the better so prioritise! Gone are the days of filling your kitchen cabinets full of pots and pans. This is because metro racks and shelving are much more convenient and don’t take up space.

These are a lot easier to navigate and will provide convenience for chefs as opposed to rooting through the kitchen. Time Management is always the priority in the kitchen for staff, so add a useful addition for their benefit.

Instead prioritise storing ingredients in closed storage, supplies which don’t need refrigerating or freezing. You may potentially be able to fit more appliances and equipment into your kitchen by doing this. Or it may even open your kitchen up just that extra bit more. 

What is the First In, First Out method?

The FIFO (First In, First Out) system is a means in which you make the most out of your supplies. Every kitchen owner should aim to put the older foods at the front or top of the refrigerator. This way you are making the most of supplies as you aren’t risking wasting anything.

Admittedly, this should be a method which is used in every kitchen setting. However, as a kitchen owner it will be your responsibility to ensure that no out of date, mouldy ingredients end up on a customer’s plate. Just by having staff organise supplies from newest to oldest will massively crack down on contamination risks.

On the topic of hygiene, NWCE can actually supply you with a maintenance plan specific to your kitchen. As a result of this, health and safety should never be a worry again as hygiene is key here.  If you keep on top of this then your kitchen may just last an addition few years. 

Labelling is Commercial Kitchen Organisation

No matter the size of your kitchen, Labelling is actually a lot more helpful than you would expect. Even in a Small Restaurant Kitchen Design, Labelling is organisation which performs a similar function to organisation. For Containers and Pantries, this is an excellent way of navigating food supplies.

This applies to everything from refrigeration systems and storage to different bins too. In commercial kitchens there will be multiple means of getting rid of waste so labelling will do wonders. 

NWCE will solve your Commercial Kitchen Organisation problems

North West Catering Engineers have been planning and bringing to life commercial kitchens for many years now. Our Kitchen Design and Install services can both start a completely new kitchen or can update what is already there. In fact, NWCE will start on the layout and work out exactly how your kitchen will function as part of Commercial Kitchen Organisation.

We can adapt to any restaurant kitchen, from bakeries to cafes to high end restaurants. Not only can we cater your kitchen towards this, but also can identify specialist equipment for each kitchen. Even if you know very little about your commercial kitchen vision then we can guide you step by step.  

The last thing to do is for you to get in touch with our Kitchen Design team and Kitchen Engineers. Their knowledge is going to do nothing but improve every aspect of your commercial kitchen. To have your question or enquiry addressed, simply click here to get started today!


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