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6 Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

6 Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

Every professional Kitchen Designers and Planners UK will be able to tell you that following trends is a risky game. Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Design Trends in 2023 are always changing, with new styles and products going in and out of fashion. This goes beyond just the practicality of your kitchen, but extends to your seating area and overall atmosphere.

Appearance may not be everything in your restaurant, from the food to your new décor. However, the significance of it cannot be understated especially if it is a start-up establishment. This is due to how effortlessly the appearance of food and dining area will hook customers in and may bring them back.

For a team of Kitchen Designers and Planners UK, then you have found the right place here at NWCE. We have been a kitchen engineering company who have been able to breathe life into kitchens. As a result, NWCE have been responsible for the success of so many types of commercial kitchens.

6 Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

NWCE have today complied a short list of Commercial Kitchen Design Trends 2023. These have been proven to be an extremely effective way of ensuring your restaurant makes a statement. Not to mention that unlike most trends these have stood the test of time over the past decade or so.

Below are six kitchen trends which will bolster the appearance of your new and updated kitchen.

Open Kitchen Cooking is the way forward

Every modern kitchen design puts the spotlight on the actual kitchen, with an open kitchen so customers can see in. This makes it all the more important to absolutely nail kitchen design and installation.

Additionally, it shows confidence in your commercial kitchen and its staff, so customers will be happier to dine with you. This is because it shows you have nothing to hide, especially hygiene-wise.

 Texturising your Commercial Kitchen

Texture has rapidly become an important part of kitchen design and appearance. From a customer perspective, eye-catching wood tables complimented with unique finishes go a long way. In relation to the kitchen, brick and exposed beams are incredibly popular to get more creative.

These are a fantastic addition if you are looking to create a more contemporary dining space.

 Corners bring Convenience

No matter the size of your kitchen, Rounded Corners are such a convenience in every way, even for a Small Restaurant Kitchen Design. However, this also applies to the customers as they will want cosy corners. This refers to their seats and the table tops; comfort will always be key in a restaurant!

Simple factors like comfort will go a long way, perhaps even making the experience more memorable. This will especially be the case if you managed to create a compelling atmosphere too. 

Al Fresco Dining: An expectation not a luxury

In modern kitchens, outdoor dining can be achieved in so many different ways from café dining furniture to open-air bars. For a more affordable means of doing this, you can even rely on gazebo’s and similar pop-up equipment. Even if it is only used during the warmer months, this approach to dining at worst will be extra seating.

At best, you will create a social hotspot during the hot spots of summer! 

More than just a different shade

Many colour trends have come and gone, but design ideas include dark wood tones, brick and even bronze features. All of these are the perfect place to begin when it comes to working out your kitchen’s identity. This is because these types of shades will work with any colour you choose, from tropical to luxury decors. 

Adding further texture

A finishing touch seen in many contemporary kitchens is actually Paintings. Not only are these a great decoration, but they are also a subtle way of adding a bit more class to your dining area. It is normally the little nuances which go the furthest way in Commercial Restaurant Design.

NWCE Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Design

Now that you know these important six things about Kitchen Design and Installation, contact NWCE. Working across the country for many years, North West Catering Engineers are kitchen engineers specialising in kitchen design. In fact, we can help you navigate commercial kitchen design trends 2023 so you don’t just have a timepiece kitchen.

For other services, we actually have an abundance of things we can help you with. From specific kitchen designs such as bakery kitchens and cafes and all planning in relation to that. Perhaps even more engineering-based services like fabrication, ventilation installations or even emergency breakdown services.

All that is left to do is inform us of your project or specific enquiry through our contact form. This is the most efficient way of communicating with us, just simply leave your contact details and we will get in touch. So to do so all you need to do is click here.

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