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8 Ways to Optimize Your Restaurant’s Footprint for Maximum Profitability

Starting up a restaurant kitchen service and stabilising it in the local market is a huge affair. However, it may quickly get to a point where your business isn’t reaching its full potential which is why a NWCE Restaurant Kitchen Designer will help. There are many different routes which you can take to maximise your profitability as a business.

NWCE are a restaurant kitchen design and installation team which have been helping catering businesses for years.  We sit down with business owners and help plan everything they need in their new kitchen plan. This will run through everything from restaurant service equipment to kitchen functionality and practicality.

1. Start with the Basics

By starting as simple as thoroughly researching each appliance and piece of equipment, this will set your kitchen up to succeed.  The more strategy and thought behind the restaurant service equipment the better. As any kind of convenience or organisation in the kitchen will certainly reflect on the food. 

This will also need to translate to any kind of service or dining area too. Create a welcoming environment with a comforting atmosphere for any kind of customer. The basic advice of setting it out the way you would like as a customer will certainly be food for thought.

2. Takeout and Delivery Services

If you’re catering business doesn’t already have takeout and delivery services ask yourself why not. Takeout and Delivery services don’t have the same costs as dining services and are much easier for staff to handle. There are no set up costs and there are no downsides, so consider whether this is an appropriate

3. A much more limited palette

In commercial kitchens, appearance isn’t important at all so don’t invest in appearance. Instead invest in functionality and purpose to better the dishes. For instance a cooker with timer settings will be much more useful than an aesthetically pleasing cooker.

4. Small Nuances will set you apart

Small Design details will definitely set your business apart from the rest.

Firstly, the entrance will be the first thing customers will see so it needs to at least look welcoming. Lighting can transform a room completely, creating an atmosphere almost single headedly. Perhaps even unique design elements can provide a welcoming wow factor too.

5. Is it a unique dining experience?

If your establishment is a conventional restaurant set up, what sets your dining experience apart? The décor is the obvious way a different ambience compared to your competitors. A more subtle way is through different seating options, from fixed benches, stools, cushioned seats, etc.

Most obviously, your restaurant if a start-up needs to be offering different types of food compared to competitors.

6. Open Kitchens

In many restaurants and takeaway establishes you will notice that the kitchen is much more visible these days. This comes as a result of customers increasing awareness of hygiene and well you can tell a lot about a kitchen based on condition. However, this added pressure and expectation needs to be considered first as it can easily be a downside.

7. Would delivery only be a practical solution?

In recent years, many takeaway restaurants don’t even have a dedicated building and instead done from home. Some business models may be better equipped to adopt this, lowering costs and potentially earning you more money. The downside of this is you may need to incorporate a commercial design or layout to your domestic kitchen.

8. Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen Display Systems are becoming a need rather than a want in modern commercial kitchens. Their function is that they can inform kitchen staff of orders much quicker and makes for a much easier system. Technology like this will make communication a breeze across the workplace and will make restaurant kitchen service much quicker.

NWCE: Restaurant Kitchen Designer

North West Catering Engineers are a commercial kitchen design team who can definitely help your business. For years we have helped new kitchen owners to plan every aspect of their new commercial kitchen. By expanding our horizons and covering the UK mainland, we have become a respected name in the industry.

A NWCE Restaurant Kitchen Designer already have plenty of different ideas to make for a successful kitchen. Paired with our installation team who will guarantee that your kitchen is here to stay. By combining both together, North West Catering Engineers will set your kitchen up for success.

For further support with any of our restaurant kitchen service available to customers, get in touch. Our team are always ready to begin a new kitchen project, to drastically improve the kitchen. To get in touch, all you need to do is click here.

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