Difference Between an Air Fryer and Oven | Catering ovens
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Difference Between an Air Fryer and Oven | Catering ovens

Difference Between an Air Fryer and Oven

What is the difference is between an Air Fryer and Oven? Traditional ovens produce heat from either gas or electricity, and the heat is slowly dispersed over time. Air Fryers and convection ovens cook food faster than conventional ovens by relying on a fan to circulate hot air. Air fryers, however, cook even quicker than convection ovens thanks to the placement and size of their fans, which use rapid air technology to produce heat instead of the element.

An Air Fryer is a countertop appliance, while convection settings are built into full-sized ovens. The countertop size allows air fryers and convection ovens to heat quickly. It also positions the food closer to the heating elements, encouraging food to cook more rapidly.

Therefore, air fryers are an essential part of commercial kitchen equipment. They come equipped with a basket used that can be used to raise and lower the food into the oil. Many other commercial fryers also come equipped with timers, ventilation systems, filters and temperature controls. The ventilation systems are essential as they help reduce the oil and grease odours, while the filters are there to extend the oil’s life and try to remove as much debris and food dirt as possible.


When it comes to commercial kitchen fryers UK, the heat comes from the top; in a convection oven, it comes from the top and the bottom. The top-down method style makes it more concentrated and cooks food faster. 


The fan is located on the top of an air fryer, directly below the heating element. In a convection oven, the fan is located at the back, either in the centre or side. Also, Air fryers have larger fans which operate faster than convection fans.

Cooking times for air fryers and ovens 

Moreover, an air fryer can only accommodate a smaller portion of food than a convection oven. This means that if you are serving a large gathering, it will take you a long time to cook batches with an air fryer, whereas, in a convection oven, you can do the same job faster. 


  • Air fryers are smaller and take up less space in the kitchen.
  • Air fryers produce crispier food than their oven counterparts.
  • Air fryers allow for quick and even cooking with little flipping or tossing.


  • An air fryer is more expensive than a convection oven.
  • It isn’t easy to clean an air fryer. With an air fryer, you have to clean the basket and the bucket that fits in.
  • Air fryers are louder than convection ovens.

Which is Better? air Fryers or convection ovens

Due to Air fryers being smaller in size, they don’t require heating a large appliance like an oven, so they cook quicker than convection ovens. Also, the perforated racks allow fat to drip onto the pan, preventing your food from absorbing the excess oil. As a result, minimises calories and becomes crispier with it being dryer.
However, you can cook more food in a commercial kitchen in ovens UK at one time than what you can with an air fryer.

NWCE – Fryer Services, Repairs & installations

When it comes to air fryers in commercial kitchens, they are usually made out of mild steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel is less likely to corrode compared to mild steel. Stainless steel is also less likely to change shape over time due to heat, so stainless steel fryers are most likely to come with a better warranty than mild steel fryers. Furthermore, ventilation systems are vital as they help reduce the oil and grease odours, while the filters are there to extend the oil’s life and try to remove as much debris and food dirt as possible.
At NWCE we provide repairs, maintenance plans, installation, and other services for commercial kitchen equipment’s. Moreover, we can create a service plan that works for you, your fryer and your commercial kitchen. So if you are looking for information on how we can keep your commercial kitchen in the best shape possible, whether that’s with a service and maintenance plan or using our engineers to install your latest commercial catering equipment, get in touch with one of our team today!

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