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Here at North West Catering Engineers, we are proud to say our engineers are professionally trained. Above all, we are able to work on an extensive range of commercial catering equipment from many different manufacturers.

At the heart of the manufacturing ethos lies innovation. Manufacturers are the pioneers of progress, constantly seeking new ways to enhance efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Through research and development initiatives, manufacturers spark the creation of cutting-edge technologies, revolutionising industries and reshaping the foodservice landscape.

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As well as catering foodservice equipment manufacturers, we have a team who specialise in ventilation equipment. The ventilation equipment manufacturers include – 


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These manufacturers are the architects of progress, shaping modern commercial kitchens and the future we envision. Through their unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, they forge new pathways of possibility and prosperity. Yet, their journey is fraught with challenges, from global disruptions to sustainability imperatives.