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Alto-Shaam Resturant & Commercial Catering Equipment | NWCE

Alto-Shaam has been around since 1955. They were founded by Jerry Maahs, after he noticed a hole in the culinary industry for hot holdings. This came from his own business and his own experience. He wanted a way in which to keep his food deliveries warm while he was delivering them across Wisconsin, and that was when the Alto-Shaam oven was developed and created! That then led to the conception of the Halo Heat holding cabinets in the 1960s.

And since then, they have created solutions that essential to food service and retail all around the world, by providing equipment that will, in turn, reduce energy, food shrinkage and reduce labour costs.

They are now a recognised leader in the foodservice industry with their products that include the Cook & Hold Oven, Quickchiller blast chillers and food wells. They are also a key foodservice manufacturer when it comes to focusing on sustainability.

Thanks to their 25,000 square foot expansion in 2013, Alto-Shaam is now reaching customers all over the world, including Russia, Asia and the Middle East with the headquarters being based in Wisconsin, America.

Alto-Shaam has always shown their long-standing commitment to providing good quality equipment and this has been shown in the awards they have won and the recognition they have received from within the industry. They have two Foodservice equipment and supplies Overall Best in Class 2017 awards, one for Combi Ovens and the other for Cook and Hold Oven. They have also received a number of accolades for its commitment to innovation, technological advances, customer satisfaction and consistently high-quality jobs.