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Amana Appliances are a company who really focus on creating catering and foodservice products that are high in quality. Firstly they make sure that their products provide the features that their customers in the catering industry need. This is without any of the hassles that come along with it.


Amana Appliances at NWCE

They are a company that was founded over 80 years ago, in America and since then they have been going from strength to strength. They were actually the first company to develop and introduce the world to the side by side refrigerator. In fact, they were also the first company to develop and introduce the bottom freezer refrigerator.

So it is no wonder that with innovations like this so early on that Amana are now known worldwide for their impressive range of products. And even within recent years, they have brought out brand new products. This is such as creating fridges that have a built-in messaging centre and even the Jot refrigerator; the first ever fridge with a dry-wipe surface!

They now also create freezers, ranges, wall ovens and cooktops, with that focus on high quality without the high price. So it is no surprise to us that they are renowned worldwide for their innovative products.