Angelo Po: Professional Kitchen | NWCE Catering Engineers
Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB

Angelo Po: Professional Kitchen | NWCE

Angelo Po: Professional Kitchen has been within the catering and foodservice industry for nearly a century. During this time, they have been designing and producing complete kitchen systems for clients in the industry. They pride themselves on offering solutions of ‘superior quality’ worldwide.

Angelo Po is a part of the Marmon Food group, who are based in the US. However, they are able to have a worldwide reach thanks to offices and a widespread sales network.  They joined the Marmon Food Group very recently as a way to expand their international reach as ‘one of the largest and respected success companies in the world.’

Some of the products they currently offer include combi and pizza ovens, blast chillers and the Monolithe. This is their single surface cooking block, which they say encompasses all of their experience within the catering and foodservice industry. They have branded it as the perfect solution for any chef.

Angelo Po creates solutions and products that can be used in a range of catering and food service business which includes hotels, resorts, supermarkets.