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Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB

Atosa Catering Equipment International | NWCE

Atosa Catering Equipment International is a huge manufacturer of refrigeration products, with a focus on commercial refrigeration. They also manufacture and create culinary equipment such as sandwich and pizza prep tables, under the counter and worktop refrigerators and freezers.

They make a point of defining what Atosa actually means. And for those that don’t speak Farsi, it means beautiful body. And Atosa tries and translates this with their products. Creating ‘a blend of eye-pleasing aesthetics with functionality and style.’

They are a company who pride themselves on making sure that their refrigeration products and merchandise are completely environmentally safe! All of their products are CFC free. They also are a company who are committed to making sure that all of the equipment and products that they produce, are all low energy producers and have as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Atosa does this whilst always ensuring that every single one of their products has been created with the same passion, quality and price.

Alongside the usual catering and food service companies that Atosa have as clients, they also provide their products and services to school and a range of educational institutions.