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Baron Professional is a company which is part of a larger umbrella company called The Ali Group. This group contains companies that design, manufacture, distribute and even service a complete range of professional food services and catering equipment. They have around 8000 employees across 24 different countries across the world, with a huge 2000 in Italy alone! They are actually one of the world’s largest concerns in the food services industry when it comes to turnover.

Baron themselves are ‘reliable by tradition, innovative by choice.’ And that comes across in the service they provide. They have always made sure that all of their products, including the Queen professional hob, their blast chillers and freezers have been developed with design, stability and reliability in mind. Baron understands that the catering and foodservice industry constantly demands the utmost when it comes to technology, functionality and maybe most importantly safety.

Thanks to their high-quality products and service, Baron actually have clients and customers all over the world; including Cyprus, Australia, Israel, Serbia and The Netherlands. This worldwide clientele base is a testament to the service that Baron provide.

Every single Baron component in every Baron appliance has been tested and is certified to meet European legislation! And that includes gas and electrical appliances. All of the equipment undergoes precise and exacting testing procedures. This is to make sure that they are operating as efficiently and as safely as possible.