The benefits of commercial kitchen maintenance plans
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commercial maintenance plans

The benefits of commercial kitchen maintenance plans

The demand in commercial kitchens is massive compared to the usage in a domestic or home kitchen. Due to this increased usage, your appliances and foodservice equipment needs to be taken care of more thoroughly. Our engineers back the ethos of prevention being better than the cure, and that is why we think our maintenance plans are so important!  

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Plans 

So you might be thinking why are maintenance plans so important? You might prefer to deal with issues as and when they happen, or you might think your kitchen is small enough to go without scheduled maintenance. But all our plans are created around your kitchen and your operation. We apply bespoke maintenance packages to your requirements.

Our engineers want to make sure that you’re getting the most from your commercial kitchen, but how can that happen when you’ve got to miss a service or knock a huge amount of items off your menu because a piece of equipment isn’t working? 

Why do you need a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan is there as a backup for your kitchen and it’s something that we offer to give you peace of mind. Our engineers carry out any planned preventative maintenance at a time that works for your kitchen. We will make sure that there will be as little down time as possible. If we do find any issues with your equipment, our engineers carry a range of different appliance spares and parts in their vans with the hope in fixing any issues on site rather than booking in a separate job. 

Our company aim as a whole is to help anyone and everyone in the catering and foodservice industry as much as we can. Whether that’s late night maintenance visits, renting out emergency appliances if the worst does happen, or just if you’re looking for some friendly advice over the phone.