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Benefits of Ventilation Maintenance Services

Benefits of Ventilation Maintenance Services?

Whilst playing a big role, maintenance doesn’t just revolve around a quick clean. Rather it is about focusing on the overall performance and efficiency the system was initially built with. So, what exactly are the benefits of Ventilation Maintenance Services?

Firstly, for commercial kitchen ventilation installation to get your ventilation system up and running. Contact NWCE for the most reliable installation, starting as simple as quotations and site surveys. This will make for a notable improvement in the long term, especially with the performance and functionality.

The Ventilation Installation Process

Before thinking about maintenance, the system has to be professionally installed. Commercial Ventilation Installation begins with a simple site survey, carried out by our design consultant team. The Feasibility Study will be the time to discuss specifications before breaking down everything into a quotation.

From here, we should have everything we need already in our warehouse to properly begin the commercial ventilation installation. Fortunately, we have nationwide supply and delivery, so our team can install everywhere from Cornwall to the Highlands.

At this point, the ventilation system will be installed as either a natural, mechanical, or hybrid system. After the ventilation systems installation is carried out, this is when after-sales support is available if necessary. This means any repairs, deep cleans, inspections, and more, are ready to keep your system in perfect shape.

How the ventilation installation service is carried out

When planning one of the main questions which come to mind is how is a ventilation installation carried out? Valves are installed first, near a window and directly over the heat and humidity source. This is to keep the temperature as controlled and controllable as possible, thus benefiting air velocity in your kitchen.

The Ventilation Unit should always be placed central, recommended to be put into lofts and near an exit. Surfaces must be durable enough to be vibrate-free and the unit shouldn’t be located next to an occupant’s flat. Going back to the valves, the main duct and branch ducts must connect to the unit as simple as possible.

Sound Dampeners should be used to minimalize noise for employees. Intake and Exhaust Ducts should then be placed on the roof, to control airflow in and out of the building. Air Intake and Discharge will be done through a roof cap vent or gable vent.

Why would I choose Ventilation Maintenance?

The obvious reason why Ventilation Maintenance Services are used is due to cost efficiency. By extending the product lifespan you will get a better return on your investment. Specifically, identifying slight problems before they become breakdowns will save you so much money.  

Air Regulation will certainly improve with frequent maintenance services carried out. This is as simple as removing excess and potential build-ups to more effectively control the temperature. As a result of this, the kitchen will be a more hygienic environment for employees.

Most importantly, condensation and mold will never be a worry with a well-maintained system. A simple check and clean will mean there are no dangerous outbreaks that may lead to your kitchen is closed. This is a vital way of keeping food supplies and appliances as hygienic as possible.

Benefits of Ventilation Maintenance Services?

With any faulty system or appliance, the biggest benefit of effective repair or maintenance will be savings. Specifically, Energy Savings as a faulty appliance will require more energy to do the exact same job. Even the Ventilation Systems Service needs to be done properly, or else the exact same will happen.

Air Quality is the most noticeable difference, protecting your workforce no matter how you look at it will be vital. To be precise, this protects against safety hazards, respiratory problems, heat stroke, and general illness. Controlling the temperature so precisely will keep food in better condition for customers.

Peace of mind goes a long way in a hectic kitchen setting, nothing is worse than faults and breakdowns. The small inconveniences can really take their toll on employees and this can be reflected in the food. So for the best kitchen environment for workers invest in frequent maintenance.

D.I.Y Ventilation Maintenance

Not all maintenance needs to be commercial ventilation; some can be done quite simply, specifically cleaning. Each part of the system should be cleaned within different time frames. For instance, Mechanical fans and MVHR units have to be cleaned every two years, inside and out.

The ventilation grilles and valves should be cleaned most often, every month or so. Fortunately, you can get Cone Filters to prevent excess from entering the ducts and affecting the motor. Exteriors require the least amount of maintenance and only need a wipe-down.

Every six months the filters should be cleaned, and if damaged replaced. Additionally, you should clean ventilation ducts every five years or so.  Above all these need to be cleaned as this is where the most moisture, dust, and bacteria all build up.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Installation and Maintenance

Commercial Ventilation Systems Maintenance and Installation can both be done by NWCE. Bolton-based NWCE are specialists in bakery, catering, fabrication, refrigeration, and ventilation for each different kitchen. Thus, we are the most versatile company to provide a ventilation installation service.

Even after we are done, after-care service plans can be provided to keep your kitchen running efficiently. It is important to note we also provide 24/7 breakdown services for any urgent repairs and issues. By working with different manufacturers we can recommend you some of the best and most reliable appliances.

For any installations, maintenance, repairs, and such, get in touch with the NWCE team.  Our aim is to bring the most affordable commercial ventilation services to our UK customers. So get in touch for any queries and worries by clicking here.

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