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Unlike a blast chiller, a blast freezer is used to keep foods frozen for longer periods of time. Blast freezers, often referred to as shock freezers, keep its contents frozen at extremely cold temperatures instantly to reduce the amount of bacteria in the food. Many commercial kitchens need Blast Freezer Services primarily for storage or to make ready made meals, which in turn means food goes out to the customer quicker.

It is easy to control a blast freezer, due to the temperature change controls and adjustable trays and pallets. This gives you more control and flexibility when it comes to positioning and storing foods. This can be vital when it comes to keeping the food fresh and of a high quality. The blast freezer can handle foods at room temperature and foods which is still hot, however too much hot food will negatively effect the immediate freezing function.



As well as this, blast freezers are actually a lot safer than any other freezing machine. As mentioned previously they reduce the metabolic rate, whilst also slowing the rate of bacteria growth. In which will keep your food bacteria free if you heat if immediately after taking it out of the blast freezer.

This greatly reduces contamination, which is why the blast freezers are very popular. This is as a result of significant attention paid to food safety which reduces the risks for the risk for consumers.

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Blast freezers play a vital role in preserving the quality, safety, and longevity of perishable goods in the food industry. NWCE’s comprehensive blast freezer services offer businesses peace of mind. Therefore, this ensures that these indispensable appliances operate at peak performance.

By partnering with NWCE, food establishments can uphold the highest standards of food safety and quality, delighting customers. This is with fresh, flavorful, and safe products while maximising operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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