Blue Seal Commercial Kitchen, Baking & Cooking Equipment
Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB

Blue Seal: Commercial Kitchen, Baking & Cooking Equipment | NWCE

Blue Seal is a company that is part of a larger umbrella company called The Moffat Group. They are a global supplier within the foodservice industry, and more specifically the bakery industry. They have over 90 years of experience which means they can successfully operate in the majority of the food service and catering industry. The Moffat Group mainly consists of Australian and New Zealand catering manufacturing companies.

Blue Seal has many innovations that have brought the worldwide success and they include; the Rotel rotating deck oven, the Genesis automated baking system and convention oven platforms.  The Rotel rotating deck oven has been used and installed in bakeries for around two decades. They were the first within the Australasian area to create and produce an industrial-sized rotating oven. This development revolutionised the baking industry and specifically bread baking. After this burst of popularity, the Rotel ovens were being produced on a mass scale which led to it’s introduction to mainstream bakeries, restaurants and even supermarkets.

Blue Seal not only deal with the bakery industry, they also have a range of products that include, Bratt Pans, Griddles, Noodle Cookers and Combi-Steamer Ovens. And thanks to their 90 years of experience, their products are developed to a world class standard.