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Commercial Catering Equipment – buy glass washers

Here at NWCE Catering Engineers, we started off our business with carrying out installations, repairs, and maintenance on a vast range of commercial catering equipment. But we have now also decided to stock glass washers for you to buy for your catering or food service business. All of the glass washers that we provide are covered by our service and maintenance plans, which is an extra incentive to purchase your glass washers from us rather than anywhere else!

The glass washers we sell (and rent) are created and manufactured by Inowash who are experts in the commercial catering equipment and food service industry. We offer two different sized glass washers as seen below. One is the 300×300 and the other is slightly larger at 400×400.

Both of these glass washers come equip with washing liquid dispensers and drain pumps as standard. These washers are at a great value and we know that they are reliable! They’re very easy to use as well as being cost-effective.

We also offer a range of benefits if you decide to buy your glass washer from us –

You will receive 2 services per year.

The glass washers are delivered and installed for free.

No charge for parts if anything needs replacing or fixing.

If you have any more questions about buying glass washers or renting glass washers from us, then please get in contact with one of the NWCE team!