Guide for Ice Machine selection | Commercial Kitchen Equipment
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Guide for Ice Machine selection | Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Guide for Ice Machine selection

An exclusive buying guide for Ice Machine selection for Commercial Kitchens.

NWCE Food Service Equipment has been servicing, installing and commissioning various catering equipment, refrigeration and bespoke extraction equipment for commercial kitchen premises for several years. Also, we work within multiple industries across the North of England, supporting our clients and their commercial kitchens.

Additionally, we work closely with all our customers to meet the individual needs of their kitchens and keep them operating efficiently through our service and maintenance support packages. As part of our services, we also include An Exclusive Buying Guide for Ice Machine Selection for Commercial Kitchens.

What is a Commercial Kitchen Ice Machine UK?

An ice machine makes ice for commercial premises. Commercial ice machines are designed to be easy for businesses for food display, drinks of all varieties or medical uses. They are attached to the main water supply or can be manually filled. Also, produce tremendous ice that can be used straight from the machine or transferred to an ice cooler.
Therefore, suitable for pubs, bars, restaurants, hospitality venues, laboratory use, healthcare and educational institutes, there is a size, capacity, and style to suit every intended purpose.

Why Buy a Commercial Ice Maker?

Commercial kitchen equipment such as ice machines will generally produce large quantities of ice quickly and are designed for high-frequency use. Plus, they are manufactured to endure fast paced and harsh working conditions. Along with multiple features to deliver performance, efficiency, hygiene, food safety, and high-quality, long-lasting ice. Commercial equipment produces in various sizes and shapes, each suitable for different uses.
So, whether blending iced drinks at a bar, serving fresh seafood at a buffet, or offering ice baths at a fitness centre, you must have the right means to produce all the ice you need to run a successful business.

What are the different types of commercial Ice machines?

Whether you want one pre-installed in your refrigerator or prefer a stand-alone appliance, here at NWCE, we offer a large selection of ice machines, allowing you to keep cold items colder for longer.
In particular, ice machines comprise four main components; the evaporator, the condenser, the compressor and the throttle valve. The compressor compresses the water to a low temperature before transporting it to the condenser. Which then condenses the water so that it is of high pressure. Then the water is drained from the throttle valve. Producing low pressure again before being turned to ice in the evaporator. Finally completes the refrigeration cycle to make ice.

As ice machines go within commercial kitchen equipment, there are four main commercial ice machine unit types: modular, under-counter, countertop, and ice dispenser. Consider your facility layout and space requirements to choose the ice machine right for you. For example, a bar may benefit from an under-counter machine. That provides easy access to the ice without taking up much space behind a tight bar.

Choosing AN commercial ICE MAKER size

Choosing a commercial ice machine for your kitchen design and installation can be a significant purchase if you are in the market for a new commercial ice maker. So, choosing the right size ice maker and bin is substantial to avoid ice shortages and the expense of purchasing additional bagged ice. A well-maintained commercial ice maker has more than ten years of life expectancy. By calculating your ice requirements up front, you can avoid needing an early upgrade or additional machine.

Also, select the ice type you need for your Restaurant Kitchen Ice Machine UK. Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic commercial ice makers produce the same three types of ice cubes. Although with different names and slight differences in size. Nugget, flake and gourmet commercial ice makers are also available. While Manitowoc also offers larger ice cubes and gourmet ice called Regular and Large Gourmet.

Furthermore, determine how much ice you are required to produce per day. Significantly depending on the size of your Small Restaurant Kitchen Design or your larger premises. Commercial Ice makers from Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic can supply as little as 58 lbs to a whopping 3,200 lbs of ice. Countertop, under-the-counter, and modular units are available. Special modular commercial ice makers are designed specifically for unique environments, such as ice-making near saltwater or in tandem with beverage service.

the amount of ice required 

When selecting the size, ice makers are typically specified by pounds of ice per day. So, for instance, a 500 lb machine will make 500 lbs of ice over 24 hours, given an ambient air temperature of about 70°F and an incoming water temperature of about 50°F. If the ice machine is located in a 90° kitchen or bakery, and the incoming water temperature is closer to 70°, then you can expect less ice production by as much as 15% or more. Ice machine manufacturers include Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman Ice Systems, and Manitowoc Ice. All publish output for various models at different ambient temperatures. Machines range in production from 50 to well over 1200 lbs of ice daily.

Kitchen Design and Install Commercial Ice Bins – Sizing

Many ice machines come with built-in bins, while many do not. Ice bins are typically specified by the maximum pounds of ice they can hold when levelled off at the top. Which usually features an automatic shut-off switch preventing the bin from overflowing, even though there is technically more storage space.

Expect your bin to accumulate about 10 to 20% less than specified. You can compensate for this and allow room to get extra ice by selecting a bin that holds 10 to 20% more ice than your ice maker produces. For example, you might choose a 700 lb ice bin with your 600 lb ice maker.

So if you’re interested in purchasing an ice machine today, call in and see what we offer here at NWCE.

As part of an exclusive buying guide for ice machine selection for commercial kitchens is our service plans. We can create a service plan that works for you, your ice machine and your commercial kitchen. So if you are also looking at keeping your commercial kitchen in the best possible shape, whether with a service and maintenance plan or using our engineers to install your latest commercial catering equipment, contact one of our team today!

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