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Canopy and Extraction Deep Clean Service

Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean Service

Looking for extraction canopy deep cleaning service? You are in the right place. North West Catering Engineers offer deep cleaning of the extraction canopy and extraction ductwork. We are flexible to work with you at your convenience. You can create a cleaning schedule which will aid your commercial kitchen in being healthy and safe as per the Environmental Health Regulations for all North West councils.
At North West Catering Engineers we are constantly providing prompt deep clean services to make sure that businesses throughout the North West receive only the highest quality of service from skilled engineers. Through our extraction canopy deep cleaning service, you can make sure that your commercial kitchen or catering area remains safe to work in, as well as complies with ever-increasing Health and Safety issues.
We at North West Catering Engineers completely understand that every extraction canopy system is different in commercial kitchens. With this in mind, we give you a complete deep cleaning service action plan, advising how frequently your kitchen extraction canopy system should be deep cleaned.

NWCE Foodservice Equipment’s extraction canopy deep cleaning service includes:

Professional Site Survey: This is with a schematic drawing showing the layout of the canopy ducting. Starting with the process, NWCE will analyse your extraction canopy area to determine which degree of cleaning is appropriate for you so that you pay only for the work required. Our deep cleaning staff can also provide you with comprehensive drawings of your kitchen’s ductwork.
Estimation & Proposal Costs: In this step, we completely understand the requirements for the extraction canopy deep clean and evaluate the estimated cost. When we define your deep clean service cost we check all factors such as the length of ductwork, frequency of cooking, equipment used etc.
Duct Cleaning Report: This comes with full photographic pre and post cleaning. We can provide you with a detailed photographic report of our extraction canopy deep cleaning service, including valuable before and after shots of your ductwork and canopy system.
Installation of access panels: We will install convenient access panels into the ductwork to make any future maintenance of the system easier.
The setup and management of a cleaning schedule for multiple sites: If there are multiple sites which require deep cleaning services for extraction canopies, we can create and manage a specialist cleaning schedule to ensure each site receives the same professional standard of cleaning without disrupting the kitchen routine.
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