Catering Equipment

Catering Equipment

A commercial kitchen or environment is made up of many types of catering equipment. Choosing a supplier who only provides the finest and most reliable catering equipment, ensures your kitchen doesn’t come under too much strain. In fact, dependable equipment allows you to optimise your business. Whilst giving you the confidence that your kitchen will continue to run efficiently, with minimal issues. Due to every business being different, the need for a range of different catering equipment can be extensive. Examples of what may be on your list of needs include commercial combination ovens, microwave ovens, commercial fryers, pizza ovens, pasta boilers, commercial dishwashers, convection ovens, Grills, Wok cookers, Turbo cookers, baking equipment, Bain Maries and griddles.  

Restaurant Equipment:

For restaurant owners and chefs, the right restaurant equipment can make all the difference. NWCE offers a diverse range of appliances and tools tailored to the unique requirements of different culinary establishments. Whether you operate a fine dining restaurant or fast-casual eatery, our restaurant equipment is designed to enhance your kitchen's capabilities. Achieving culinary excellence requires top-notch professional cooking appliances. NWCE provides chefs and kitchen staff with access to high-performance stoves, ranges, and griddles that deliver exceptional cooking results. Our professional cooking appliances are crafted to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen while maintaining optimal functionality. A well-equipped kitchen is essential for successful catering operations. NWCE's kitchenware for catering includes pots, pans, and storage containers designed to withstand the demands of professional kitchens. Our kitchenware is crafted from high-quality materials in order to ensure longevity and performance.

Sales and Installation

NWCE Food Service Equipment are always looking for ways to help save you time and money. So that is why we offer a variety of installation services. As well as breakdown cover and service and maintenance packages.

Repairs and Maintenance

NWCE Food Service Equipment carries out maintenance, services, and repairs on a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment. In order to keep your kitchen equipment working to its highest capabilities, our engineers are fully trained and offer maintenance plans. We offer bespoke maintenance plans, which we create around your business and your equipment. These plans include a prompt and efficient service 24 hours a day. This is as well as a comprehensive amount of stock, kept on-site therefore means no delays in repairing equipment.