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24 Jun: Why is the use of steel so common for commercial kitchen fabrication services?

When it comes to a smooth-running restaurant, it’s not just a fantastic menu and your front-of-house that matters. Although that’s what your customers are most likely to come into contact with, it’s your commercial kitchen fabrication that will help you to make your mark in the catering industry. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to put your trust in a reputable company when it comes to commercial kitchen fabrication services.
Hygiene and fabricated commercial kitchens Cafe Kitchen Hygiene

23 Mar: Hygiene and fabricated commercial kitchens

Hygiene is number one if every single commercial kitchen setting. Not only for the customers who will be eating the food in the front of house, but it's important for those who work back of house and in the kitchen itself. Not to mention, your kitchen needs to be ticking all health and safety requirements that your local council or authority has in place.