What exactly does your commercial kitchen ventilation do

23 Sep: What exactly does your commercial kitchen ventilation do?

Each section of your commercial kitchen has an important job to do, but it can be argued that the commercial kitchen ventilation system is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment. For the outside, you just seen the extractor fan and piping, however there is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of your extraction system.  
How To Make Your Commercial Kitchen Work Smarter Not Harder

28 May: How to make your commercial kitchen work smarter not harder

A commercial kitchen is an extremely unique environment, in which the whole place relies on the productivity and output of the kitchen team. With different challenges coming from places such as staff turn over, under skilled staff, reduced budgets and difficult to please customers, it means working in the catering and foodservice industry is now harder than ever.
Commercial Kitchen Design 101

19 May: Commercial kitchen design 101

Having a strong and efficient commercial kitchen design is incredibly important when it comes to running a successful kitchen and restaurant. Being able to design your commercial kitchen from scratch means you're able to add in all the different elements that are essential for your specific commercial kitchen and menu.