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Catering Engineers Herefordshire

Catering Engineers Herefordshire

Catering Equipment Herefordshire

Herefordshire is located within the West Midlands of England, bordered by Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the Welsh counties of Monmouthshire and Powys. Fortunately for you, NWCE extends its coverage across the entire Midlands, thus enhancing kitchens of all types. This fulfilled to the maximum, leaving you with a brand-new kitchen and most importantly a smile.  

Unique Places to visit in Herefordshire

  • Eastnor Castle, Eastnor
  • Hereford Cathedral, Hereford
  • British Camp Hill Fort, Little Malvern

Try these diners in Herefordshire

  • The Den Restaurant, Hereford
  • Riverside Bar & Eatery, Mordiford
  • Cellar Door, Hereford
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At NWCE Foodservice Equipment, we possess extensive experience in handling various types of foodservice equipment. These range from restaurants and bakeries to ventilation systems and complete commercial kitchen fabrication projects.

Our skilled food service and catering engineers are capable of serving the entire Herefordshire area. With our long-standing presence in Greater Manchester, previously based in Bury and currently operating from Bolton. NWCE have a thorough understanding of the entire UK mainland.

Whether you’re starting a high-end diner or managing a school kitchen that caters to hundreds of students and staff on a daily basis, having a dependable team of engineers to address any issues is crucial.

The team at NWCE offers a range of services, including –

  • 24/7 equipment breakdown cover Herefordshire
  • Service and maintenance plans Herefordshire
  • Asset Management Herefordshire
  • Equipment repairs Herefordshire
  • Commercial kitchen fabrication Herefordshire

At NWCE, our objective is to internally manage every aspect of your project. From CAD kitchen design to overseeing the complete project construction, we assume full responsibility. Additionally, we provide ongoing maintenance services for the installed equipment in the years to come.

Our dedicated team members collaborate closely with you to ensure that your kitchen design not meets all your requirements. In addition to optimising space utilisation within your specified budget, regardless of the project’s scale.

With our valuable partnerships with renowned foodservice brands such as Rational, Hobart, and Lincat, we possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate and work with any branded equipment already present in your kitchen.

Providing thorough Commerical Kitchen Services In Herefordshire

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NWCE Cover the Entirety of Herefordshire, including:


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