Catering Equipment Installation - why choose us for the job?
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Catering equipment installation

Catering Equipment Installation – why choose us for the job?

When it comes to catering equipment installation, it’s important to leave it to the professionals. There’s so much to think about behind the scenes. You don’t want to be worrying you’ve installed everything correctly whilst trying to run a business efficiently. That’s where North West Catering Engineers come in. Within our team, we have many qualified and certified tradesmen to take care of your catering equipment installation. We also ensure that the work we carry out is up to the quality expected by trading standards and safety authorities. This is another reason to use a professional company for these kinds of jobs; relevant companies fully endorse North West Catering Engineers to carry out any work required.

Catering equipment installation

Our catering equipment installation service goes alongside the comprehensive 24-hour breakdown cover that we proudly provide. Our commercial equipment services include installation of larger commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeration systems, as well as food trucks and stalls and specialised bakery equipment.

So why choose NWCE?

We are a commercial equipment engineering company based in Greater Manchester. We have over 20 years of experience in the commercial kitchen industry. You can rest assured you’re in safe hands! From a great range of high-quality catering equipment to installation, repair and maintenance specialists, we have everything you need to keep your kitchen, or commercial premises, working like clockwork. There are so many components to a working kitchen. There are also so many pieces of equipment that it’s easy to forget all their specific and individual requirements.

What’s more and arguably best of all, because we work with a trusted and well-known network of brands and partners, we’re competitive on price too – thus giving you unrivalled choice, all in one convenient place. We are able to cut out the middleman as we have all our own contractors in place for all your catering equipment installation requirements.