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Did you know we offer payment plans?

Did you know we offer payment plans?

When you are busy trying to run a successful kitchen, sometimes money can be the last thing you want to think about. But of course, if you do not have capital, it can be hard to push the business to the next level. We don’t like the thought of our customers struggling and we want to see every kitchen strive and produce the best food that it possibly can, and that’s why we’re proud to offer a range of different payment plans. We hope to have something that suits everyone. 

Our Payment Plans

  • Rental 

The rental plan is as simple as the name suggests, you rent whatever commercial kitchen appliances or equipment you need from us then return those pieces of equipment when the contract is over. With this plan, there is no capital outlay needed and you are able to claim all rentals against tax. Our foodservice engineers’ deliver and install your equipment on the day of your choosing. Then, throughout your contract you will be able to book in two services for your equipment per year. You will also benefit from no call out fees and no parts charges! All our rentals are subject to terms and conditions which will be discussed with you personally. 

  • Lease to buy 

This is our form of unsecured borrowing as the security is usually on the asset that is being leased. There is no capital outlay which helps to improve your cash flow. We’re able to lease single items all the way up to full kitchens and bars, this is totally bespoke to what you need. The lease agreements start from as little as £1000.00 net and all leasing rentals are 100% deductible against tax. The VAT is paid each month on the lease which means it is effectively deferred. This payment option is perfect if you are looking to let the catering equipment pay for itself! 

  • Finance

Our finance plans require little to no capital outlay, we are also able to factor in any installation costs into your finance agreement. Not to mention you will be able to claim against tax.

Foodservice and Catering Equipment Plans

We hope that we have a payment plan that suits your business model! We’re proud to create our plans to fit with what your kitchen needs. To talk more about our plans, please give our office a ring on 0161 764 8688.