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Commercial Catering Equipment Maintenance

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Welcome to NWCE Food Service Equipment, where we understand the critical importance of maintaining commercial catering equipment in a demanding kitchen environment. Our commitment is to provide you with industry-standard appliances and equipment available to us, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time. Whatever challenges your kitchen faces, you can have confidence in the durability of our products.

Premium Service Plans for Your Kitchen’s Needs and Budget

We take pride in our position and knowledge in the industry, allowing us to offer service plans tailored to your kitchen’s specific needs and budget. This includes specific visits and repairs, as well as service plan for your maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you cook up a storm while keeping costs at a minimum!

Drawing upon our vast expertise in the commercial kitchen sector, we have crafted a range of service plans designed to meet your unique kitchen requirements. These plans vary from one-off services to multiple visits, catering to your needs and budget constraints.

Our well-deserved outstanding recognition for superior performance is backed by our team of highly skilled electronics, electrical, and gas engineers. They possess a flawless track record in swiftly resolving issues on the first attempt and adeptly identifying faults. We meticulously investigate down to individual component level to effectively address problems, ultimately conserving your time and unnecessary inconvenience.


In any commercial kitchen, gas plays a pivotal role. To ensure the smooth operation of your commercial catering equipment, a NWCE Gas Safe engineer on hand for installations, maintenance, and services is indispensable.

Learn more about our Gas Safe credentials for Commercial Catering Equipment and Domestic Catering Equipment.

Find out everything you need to know about our Commercial catering equipment gas safe credentials and our Domestic catering equipment gas safe credentials.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the delivery and installation process of our Commercial Catering Equiptment. We offer a diverse range of delivery options to suit different equipment, budgets, and site-specific needs.

Our expert installers will make sure your commercial catering equipment is set up correctly for optimal performance.


We stand by the quality of our products, and every new commercial catering appliance comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any malfunctions or issues within a specified timescale, providing you with peace of mind.


With our commercial catering equipment maintenance and service plans, your business will be covered 24/7. We have carefully crafted these plans to align with your unique business requirements, reducing downtime and ensuring your operations run smoothly.


Stay updated with the latest insights from our kitchen and catering experts. Our blog features detailed design, precise planning, and equipment information that can help set up your kitchen for success.

Experience the NWCE Food Service Equipment advantage, where reliability, expertise, and customer satisfaction converge to support your commercial catering equipment needs. Contact us today to discover how we can assist your business thrive in the demanding culinary world.

Commercial Combination Oven Repairs

Commercial combination oven repairs ensure uninterrupted kitchen operations. Skilled technicians troubleshoot and fix issues promptly, including heating elements, timers, and digital controls. Timely repairs extend appliance lifespan, maintain food quality, and prevent costly replacements. Regular maintenance schedules are recommended to minimise downtime and maximize efficiency.

Choosing the Right Commercial Combination Oven
Commercial Microwave Ovens Repairs

Efficient commercial microwave oven repairs are essential for smooth kitchen workflows. Expert technicians diagnose and address problems like faulty heating, door seals, and control panel issues. Prompt repairs restore appliance functionality, prevent disruptions, and uphold food service standards. Regular servicing enhances longevity and reduces operational downtime, benefiting businesses.

Choosing the Right Commercial Combination Oven
Commercial Fryers Repairs and maintanence

Effective commercial fryer repairs and maintenance are crucial for kitchen efficiency. Skilled technicians troubleshoot and fix problems like temperature irregularities, oil leaks, and faulty controls. Regular upkeep ensures consistent performance, extends equipment life, and minimises downtime. Timely interventions prevent safety risks and maintain the quality of fried foods, benefiting both customers and businesses.

Commercial Fryers
Pizza Ovens & Pasta Boiler repairs and maintanence

Reliable repairs and maintenance for pizza ovens and pasta boilers are vital to upholding culinary excellence. Proficient technicians address issues like uneven heating, thermostat malfunctions, and component wear. Regular servicing guarantees optimal cooking conditions, extends equipment lifespan, and prevents disruptions in restaurant operations. Timely interventions preserve food quality and customer satisfaction.

Pizza Ovens
Commercial Dishwasher repair and maintenance

Efficient commercial dishwasher repair and maintenance are imperative for seamless kitchen operations. Skilled technicians tackle problems such as clogs, pump issues, and sensor malfunctions. Regular servicing enhances appliance longevity, ensures hygiene standards, and reduces issues. Timely interventions prevent dishwashing bottlenecks, maintain sanitation, and support the overall efficiency of food establishments.

Commercial Dishwashers
Convection Ovens Repairs and maintanence

Convection oven repairs and maintenance are essential for optimal kitchen functionality. Trained technicians address issues like uneven heating, fan malfunctions, and thermostat inaccuracies. Regular upkeep extends appliance lifespan, maintains precise cooking conditions, and minimises disruptions. Timely interventions prevent flavour transfer and ensure consistent, quality results, contributing to efficient culinary operations.

Convection oven
Grills & Salamander Grill repairs and maintenance 

Grill and salamander grill repairs and maintenance are paramount for efficient kitchen performance. Expert technicians handle problems like uneven heating, ignition troubles, and worn components. Regular servicing promotes equipment durability, preserves flavour profiles, and reduces downtime. Timely interventions ensure consistent cooking results, enhance food presentation, and support the overall effectiveness of culinary establishments.

Salamander Grills
Wok Cookers & Turbo Cookers repairs and maintenance

Repair and maintenance for wok cookers and turbo cookers are crucial for kitchen productivity. Skilled technicians address issues like burner problems, gas leaks, and control malfunctions. Regular servicing prolongs equipment life, sustains high cooking temperatures, and minimises operational interruptions. Timely interventions guarantee efficient stir-frying and rapid cooking, preserving the authenticity and quality of dishes served.

Wok Cookers
Bain Maries & Servery Unit repairs

Bain Maries and servery unit repairs and maintenance are essential for seamless food service. Competent technicians tackle issues like temperature inconsistencies, water leaks, and electrical problems. Regular upkeep extends equipment lifespan, ensures food remains at the desired temperature, and minimises disruptions. Timely interventions maintain buffet presentation and uphold the quality of displayed items, benefiting both customers and establishments.

Bain Maries Servery Units
Commercial Steamer repair and maintenance 

Efficient maintenance and repair are paramount for sustaining the peak performance of commercial steamers. Routinely examine and cleanse water tanks, heating elements, and steam outlets. To avert mineral accumulation, descaling should be frequent. Deal with anomalies like leaks and control malfunctions promptly. Timely upkeep prevents disruptions, ensuring seamless kitchen workflows and safeguarding the bottom line.

commercial griddle repair and maintenance

Griddle repair and maintenance play a pivotal role in culinary operations. Skilled technicians address concerns such as uneven heating, surface corrosion, and thermostat inaccuracies. Regular servicing extends equipment life, maintains consistent cooking temperatures, and reduces downtime. Timely interventions ensure even searing, efficient cooking, and the delivery of high-quality dishes, contributing to kitchen efficiency.

Griddles Repair
6 Burner Gas Oven repairs and maintenace

Maintaining and repairing 6-burner gas ovens is vital to their optimal functionality. Regularly clean burners, grates, and oven interiors to prevent grease buildup. Check gas connections for leaks and ensure proper ignition. Replace faulty igniters, thermostats, or safety valves promptly. Scheduled professional inspections enhance safety, extend appliance lifespan, and guarantee efficient culinary operations.

6 burner gas oven

Commercial Catering Equipment Repairs

Your search for exceptional commercial catering engineers ends here at NWCE – the ultimate choice. Our commitment revolves around providing swift and efficient services for the installation and repair of commercial catering equipment. We specialise in on-demand installations and repairs for a wide range of establishments, including restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, care homes, and more.

Why choose NWCE Food Service Equipment for your commercial kitchens?

  • More than 20 years of experience in serving the commercial kitchen installation and repair industry
  • A dedicated team of manufacturer trained commercial catering and gas engineers
  • On call, 24/7 equipment repair service
  • Proven work portfolio with hundreds of commercial kitchens as our clients
  • We provide complete commercial kitchen maintenance and preventative (ppm) services
  • 24-hour breakdown support
  • Gas safety inspections and compliance from skilled gas safe registered engineers

What commercial equipment do we install, repair and provide maintenance for?

As a prominent player in the commercial catering and kitchen industry, we possess the expertise to service virtually all types of commercial kitchen appliances. Our capabilities extend to glasswashers, dishwashers, gas and electric fryers, and a plethora of other equipment. Whatever kitchen appliance you have in mind, leave it to us for expert care.

If you’re embarking on a new restaurant venture, our comprehensive commercial kitchen setup consultation awaits you. This encompasses meticulous restaurant kitchen planning, seamless supply and installation, maintenance solutions. In addition to our around-the-clock support for unexpected emergencies.

Being a foremost provider of commercial catering services in the UK, we collaborate with globally recognized kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Our engineers undergo training under the tutelage of industry professionals. As a result, ensuring the provision of top-notch service.


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