Catering Equipment Repairs Manchester- repair or replace?
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Catering Equipment Repairs Manchester

Catering Equipment Repairs Manchester – how can you tell whether it’s time to repair or replace?

Every single piece of commercial equipment has a lifespan, some longer than others. And even though we specialise in catering equipment repairs Manchester, we know that there will come a time when your equipment will be beyond repair.

Catering Equipment Repairs Manchester

Commercial fridges are a key part of your team of kitchen appliances! So when it starts to work at a reduced capacity, that’s going to be a problem! However, how do you know whether you need to repair or replace?


The commercial fridge is one of those pieces of equipment that is used constantly, which means that they can start to show usage signs very quickly. Those signs include condensation, cooling the food too much or hot air coming out of the motor.

Even if it seems like a major problem, it can probably be fixed by a quick change of parts. It’s not unusual for your equipment to need a repair every so often. This is why we specialise in catering equipment repairs Manchester, and it’s also the reason that we offer maintenance plans, which include an annual service.


Replacing a piece of equipment like a commercial refrigerator is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Only after having it for a substantial amount of time, and doing some repairs, should replacement be seen as an option.

If your commercial refrigeration system is starting to have more than one thing wrong with it; or if it isn’t commercially effective, then it may be time for a replacement. It’s also time for a replacement if food safety is being called into question. However, most commercial refrigeration systems have a 10-year lifespan.

So if you are looking to replace rather than repair, make sure you have explored the other avenues.

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