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Commercial Catering Gas Engineers

Catering Gas Engineers

Our qualified commercial gas engineers are able to work nationally. They have a vast experience of installations and maintenance of gas appliances in a commercial catering environment.


  • Gas pressure maintenance and repair– Gas appliances need to operate at specific pressures to remain safe and efficient. If your appliances are not working properly or you can smell gas it is possible that the pressure is out. Our gas engineers’ experts can check the gas pressure, adjust it, and repair any defective or broken items.
  • Appliance installation– Setting up a new appliance is important. Therefore, any gas appliance installation should always be handled by a certified professional. At NWCE, we have the experience needed to install your new appliances in perfect working condition.
  • Appliance maintenance– Maintaining appliances is as important as installation. For instance, if something is not working properly. Our engineer’s call-out to inspect safety devices such as pressure switches, flow sensors, temperature sensors to ensure the appliance runs safely and efficiently.   
  • Gas Escape– Gas leaks are a dangerous hazard and need to be dealt with quickly by a professional. If you should smell gas, it is crucial to act quickly. Read What to do in an emergency for the steps you need to take to stay safe
  • Emergency assistance– Not all gas-related emergencies happen during regular business hours. That is why our operatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


NWCE Commercial Gas Engineers

Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, we are a certified and licensed Gas Safe company that will help you install your commercial catering gas equipment and appliances.

Our gas safe engineers will inspect your commercial catering establishment and review pipework and service areas to achieve IGEM/UP/1A standard. And, can issue your catering business with a CP42 commercial catering gas safety certificate.

Also, it’s good to know that we work with refrigeration and ventilation alongside our commercial gas services. Our catering engineers have gone through specific training courses and are legally allowed to be working with F-Gases.

Our commitment to always provide a top-quality service is reflected in our accreditations; NWCE has been awarded a significant number of accreditations and specialist memberships by a variety of independent, professional bodies.

Here are some of our accreditations:Gas Safe register

With NWCE Foodservice Equipment, you can be sure that your commercial kitchen will be certified to be gas safe. Giving you peace of mind that your employees and customers are entering a safe environment.

We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, available for emergency and scheduled services. So, If you need installation, maintenance, or repair of your gas systems, we are here to help. Contact us today.