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Catering Kitchen Planning

Why Create a Commercial Kitchen Plan that includes the tech?

Our initial commercial kitchen planning starts with the space available in the kitchen and what appliances are required. Plus, their dimensions space e.g..  item length, width, and height?  We also think a  great start to planning a catering kitchen is to note the point of entry size for moving equipment into place.

On new and major rebuild kitchen projects a detailed specification should be produced to quantify all equipment, confirm all options, and set out any variations.

So, what is a Specification?

A specification is a statement that includes a detailed description or lists features of equipment. A specification will include all the technical details and requirements that the purchaser has in mind for the equipment.

The technical specification defines what is needed for the equipment and identify the minimum requirements needed.

Catering Appliance Features and quality level requirements

Once you have a grasp of the general plan for the kitchen, you can then think about the details and functionalities you want your catering kitchen planner to deliver on.

Things to Consider When Writing a Specification for a commercial kitchen plan:
  • What type of equipment you are requesting?
  • What quantity is needed of each piece of equipment?
  • Equipment capacity to meet the number of meals served.
  • What construction materials should be used?
  • What power source is required gas, electric, steam coil or direct steam?
  • Do you have gas available or only electricity?
  • What is the voltage and phase of your available electric supply?
  • Do you need to specify a particular type of plug to match your outlets?
  • For equipment that has plumbing connections, what size water lines are needed?
  • Do you have adequate drains to handle any discharge water in the location you want to place the equipment?
  • If the equipment requires steam, do you have available the required steam pressure?
  • Are gas, water, or steam pressure regulators required?
  • If it is equipment that needs to be placed under a hood, do you have adequate space under the hood?
  • Does that hood have adequate air circulation (CFM’s) to handle the additional exhaust load from the piece of equipment

Why NWCE For Commercial Kitchen Planning?

Commercial kitchen planning can be a tricky task with so many specifications and technicalities to consider. This can create dilemmas for layout and specific appliances to meet the regulatory requirements of a catering kitchen.  

This is where NWCE catering kitchen planners can help! Not only do our kitchen designers have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements and appliance specification.

But also able to feed this into your kitchen design, delivering a kitchen plan that will include all the technical aspects of a new catering kitchen set up.

Catering Kitchen Planning for success

Our commercial kitchen designers can create not just a suitable working environment but an effective kitchen. No matter the type of food and beverages your kitchen will produce. or the type of kitchen equipment you use.

Our kitchen planning goes one step further recommending suitable equipment for your catering business. Because we have all our knowledge and experience of installation and repairing appliances.

Therefore, our technicians know exactly what makes a high quality piece of catering equipment and where it will be best place in a kitchen environment.

Appliances & Technical Specification Planning

The NWCE team are well renowned for our catering kitchen planning & installation services.  Additionally, we have the capacity to offer ongoing maintenance and repairs for your catering company. 

Our Catering technicians operate nationwide on the UK mainland working on bakery, catering, fabrication, refrigeration and ventilation systems.

So, to get started on your catering kitchen design telephone us on 0161 764 8688 and take advantage of out technical knowledge! Our team are more than happy to work on your commercial kitchen plan, no matter the task. 

Catering Kitchen Planning for Commercial Success?

When creating a commercial kitchen plan a great kitchen layout can definitely increase productivity. In fact how you organise related appliances in close proximity of each other will certainly minimise traffic in a busy kitchen. Even a small commercial kitchen plan should include a strategic positioning of the Stove, Refrigerator and Sink.

Our simple and effective approach to Technical Specification!

No matter how much space you are working with, both you and commercial kitchen designers need to nail measurements. On new and major rebuild projects a detailed specification of the kitchen requirements should be produced to support the commercial kitchen plan that will confirm all options and set out any variations.

Catering Kitchen Planning | Appliances & Technical Specification
Obtaining a Food Handlers License

NWCE Design Consultants

By combining your ideas and our professional advice, NWCE Design Consultants will be able to ensure your kitchen is designed in the most effective way possible.

Cold Rooms and Refrigeration

Having Refrigeration Equipment is vital of course, but getting the best out of it through the use of control settings. Your Cold Rooms and Refrigeration units will be set up for success!

Cleaning Equipment

Not only are Maintenance Plans a smart investment, it is also great to have cleaning equipment on hand for each type of kitchen equipment.


Planning isnt like it once was, and this is all thanks to Fabrication. Our kitchen engineers can adjust equipment so it slots perfectly into your catering kitchen.


Together with NWCE, you can condense and iron out your kitchen plan for the most cohesive and ideal kitchen design for your commercial kitchen.

Health & Safety

Guarantee Health & Safety through the use of many different systems, most importantly an effective Ventilation System to control your air flow.


With every job we carry out, NWCE engineers always stay within your regulations and the Government’s regulations without compromise.


To back up our reputation and quality of workmanship, NWCE boast a huge selection of Accreditations. These include being accredited by SSIP, SafeContractor, Gas Safe Contractor, CEDA Membership and more.

Our Commercial Kitchen Design Services are Available across the United Kingdom 

Both our Catering Design Consultants and Engineering Teams have years of experience and are able to deal with an extensive range of kitchen environments. If you would like to read about different brands which will make up your new kitchen. You can read our list of manufacturers here.