Catering, North West - let us look after your equipment
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Catering, North West

Catering, North West – let us look after your equipment whilst you look after your customers

Here at North West Catering Engineers, we have a dedicated staff ready to look after and maintain the very appliances that keep your business running. We understand that, when running a busy and thriving company, things will inevitably go wrong. We appreciate that this is the last thing you need, but if you keep a regular check on your appliances, the chances of something malfunctioning is reduced significantly.

Catering, North West

In the field of catering, North West, there are many businesses that have entrusted us to look after their catering equipment. We take the health of your appliances very seriously as we know they form the basis of your livelihood. Many catering establishments use the kind of items we look after, from schools, to restaurants and cafes, factories and hotels. We offer a catering equipment installation, repair and maintenance service, meaning we will be with you from day one. We will carry out regular safety inspections; much preferring to prevent a problem than fix it once it occurs. However, North West Catering Engineers also offer a 24 hour breakdown service if this unfortunate incident were to ever occur.

We offer a comprehensive service for catering, North West. Customer service is something which we pride ourselves on. We are extremely dedicated in providing our valued customers with the best service we can offer. North West Catering Engineers know that your equipment is going to come under serious strain in such a fast paced environment, so we will only supply the best products available on the market. We have highly skilled electronics, electric and gas engineers on site for further peace of mind. Your appliances will be looked after with the utmost respect and knowledge.

So why not call us today and see what we can do for you? Let us look after your catering equipment, whilst you look after your customers and, in turn, your business.