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Catering Suppliers network supporting the NHS.

Once again, the catering suppliers’ network has come together to provide a rapid response to an urgent request for NHS equipment.

Ben Odling, Managing Director of Bolton based NWCE Food Service equipment takes up the story.

“We received an urgent request from Royal Lancaster Infirmary for four regeneration ward service trollies to be used on the newly opened COVID 19 only wards. The units are used to transport and serve hot and cold meals, helping to keep patients safe, fed and comfortable.

Under normal circumstances these trollies would be a straightforward and relatively easily sourced request. However, at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic we have a well-publicised global shortage of health care equipment from PPE to specialist healthcare catering equipment.

Fortunately, with over 20 years of experience within the catering supplies industry NWCE have built up a network of contacts, who all recognised the urgency of the request and the response we received was astounding.

After contacting both CEDA (Catering Equipment Distributors Association) and The FEA (Foodservice Equipment Association) we very quickly received offers of help to convert other appliances from manufacturers, offers of surveys and even offers of logistics, this really was in my eyes a fantastic reflection of our industry pulling together as a team, to show what we can do.

I would particularly like to thank Adam, Fiona and Peter from CEDA and Keith from the FEA, whose combined efforts not only managed to source the 4 trollies needed but also another 30 reconditioned regeneration units we can now offer to other NHS and Health Care facilities if they require them.

We have supplied 4 temporary units to the hospital until the new units arrive via Chefline Solutions from the Northern Italian manufacturer Metaltecnica, we anticipate delivery in the next few days.”


Nigel Thomas from Chefline solutions added “ when we got the call from Keith at the FEA, we knew we had what NWCE foodservice equipment and the NHS required, Metaltecnica as always couldn’t be more helpful, they had stock waiting and shipped as soon as we sent the order “

NWCE are currently operating under their Crisis Management Plan in line with Government guidelines. Front-line engineers are now only attending critical response and installation tasks for the NHS and critical infrastructure sites such as care homes, distribution and food production sites as per updated government guidelines issued. PPE is replenished frequently and is readily available. All other members of the support team are working remotely.

If you require any regeneration ward servery units then please do not hesitate to contact us also.

For more info please email or call 01617648688