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Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB

Charvet Catering Equipment | NWCE

Charvet is a company who take a huge amount of pride about their beginnings. The company itself was created and developed and is still currently located in the foothills of the Chartreuse mountains. Charvet dates back to almost a century ago!

Charvet as a brand is associated with their high-quality products and equipment. They also have a very innovated business as they push themselves to keep up and satisfy the forever changing demands and needs of their clients and customers.

They pride themselves on the craftsmanship of each and every one of their products. And by their own words, ‘human touch and sight are the law of the land.’ All of their products are equipment aren’t made by machines, they all have the human touch. This is something that differentiates them from other companies in the same industry.