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Cheap and cheerful kitchen or bar switch on

Commercial Fabrication Equipment Service Maintenance

So as you know we at Nwce are always trying to find ways to help our clients. Understandably due to recent events kitchens and bars have had to close over night, that compounded with you “our clients” not having any regular income we understand that you really don’t want to be spending money that may not be available.

You also have the added worry that when you return to your kitchen is everything going to work?

So we’ve devised a plan to help you get back open.

Rather than a full strip down service we are now offering what we call “safety switch on”. During a full service an engineer can take all day or even days on site stripping appliances down, cleaning and testing them. with our ” safety switch on” we avoid all that time and basically do the minimum  possible to get you open “safely”!.

Here’s what we will do:

Ware washing and Glass washers:

  1. Check chemical dosing
  2. Check pump functionality and wash/rinse arm rotation
  3. Check temperatures
  4. check safety devices

This will help make sure your washing equipment is sanitising all glass’s and crockery etc a must in today’s climate.

Gas installations:

  1. Carry out gas tightness test
  2. Check all gas appliance are burning safely ( visual )
  3. Check burner pressures
  4. Check ambient air ( what you or your staff are breathing in )
  5. Issue a free cp42 gas safety certificate if possible (making sure you are compliant )
  6. Check gas safety interlock
  7. Check safety devices 


  1. Switch on check units drop to correct temperature ( all units inc bottle coolers and walk in chillers )
  2. Check door seals and door alignment
  3. Check drains if applicable 

Ice machines:

  1. Check ice bin
  2. Cleanse ice Bin
  3. Check drainage
  4. Check water reservoir
  5. Flush through water system

Electric cooking equipment:

  1. Check cables
  2. Check temperatures
  3. Check safety devices

Combi ovens:

  1. Flush through steam and clean system
  2. Check temperatures
  3. Run on steam cycle to sanitise
  4. Check drainage

We will only fit parts when you advise we can do, any remedial works will be quoted in detail per unit. This means if we cant get the unit running you can choose what you do and do not want to repair thus helping your operation and cash flow.

And to top it off, if your installation passes all gas testing procedures, we will also offer a FREE CP42 gas certificate keeping you compliant. 

For more info please email [email protected] or call 01617648688.