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Checklist for Opening a Restaurant: Guide on Professional Kitchen Appliances List You’ll Need

When opening a new Restaurant there is so much kitchen equipment to consider, both essential and optional. Many catering businesses fail because there is no real structure or planning gone into their kitchen. Whilst big brands have the reliability because of their names, this doesn’t always equate to quality which is why we offer NWCE Restaurant Kitchen Service Support.

This blog will act as a checklist for all of the professional kitchen appliances your Restaurant Kitchen Service will require. Some will certainly be obvious, but there is a lot to consider within each purchase. As a result, not only will our catering services help existing businesses but also brand-new restaurants too.

North West Catering Engineers (NWCE) is catering kitchen specialists, who cover every area of kitchen engineering. This can only be an advantage for you when it comes to sitting down with us and planning. Compared to other kitchen brands, we aren’t trying to sell you appliances instead help mould your kitchen into an effective one.

Food Preparation Equipment and Cookers

The first thought for every new kitchen owner will be what cooker will allow staff to make the best food possible? Our recommendation would be investing in a selection of different cookers, especially combi-ovens. However, if you trust big brands consider brands like Amana Appliances, Brema, and CED Fabrications.

Combination Ovens allow the most flexible ways of cooking, whilst cooking a lot of food at the same time. To be specific, this is essential equipment for restaurants as it gives chefs the most control over their cooking. This is due to specific temperature controls, different modes of cooking, differing pressure and steaming options.

To save time and for the most accurate results Food Processors are beyond convenient! These can be used for chopping, shredding, slicing, and even pureeing different kinds of food. Each different kind of Processor is made to save chefs time preparing and give them more time cooking.

Refrigeration and Other Storage

NWCE have always maintained that Refrigeration is just as important as other commercial restaurants appliances like cookers. Refrigeration Units and Freezers need to keep your food fresh for as long as possible to maintain the flavour. Condensers are definitely worth considering for the most flexible regulation of your food supplies.

Other storage will be needed for commercial kitchen equipment, like pans, pots, cutlery, dry food, etc. Shelving can be made of materials like Stainless Steel, so they don’t wear. In addition to storage being up to you, perhaps you may like a blend of under counter and overhead storage.

Technically storage, if it can fit in your kitchen dishwashers will save you plenty of time within the kitchen. If you don’t have dish washing staff, this will prevent chefs from needing to take time to wash up. As a result, this will ensure that your staff remain completely focused on restaurant kitchen service and keep your dishes clean.

Optional but very useful

There is optional kitchen equipment which may just go the extra mile for your restaurant kitchen service. Smaller Commercial Kitchen Appliances like Mixers are as useful as Processers but may not be used as much. The same applies for Blenders too, which may be useful for sauces and drinks but useless otherwise.

A KDS (Kitchen Display System) isn’t a must for every catering business, but is incredibly convenient. This piece of commercial restaurants equipment informs chefs about new orders which have been placed. Communication methods such as this certainly create a better working environment, certainly becoming a staple in modern restaurants.

The choice of cooking equipment is another consideration, perhaps dilemma choosing between gas and electric. Electric is certainly becoming the way forward with hobs, becoming better in recent years. However, some restaurants may want a unique grilled finish on their meats only achievable through gas.

NWCE Restaurant Kitchen Service Support

NWCE can recommend a range of different commercial kitchen appliances and kitchen design services. With our experience in the kitchen industry, we will know exactly what your business will need. Thus, we will be able to get your catering business up and running properly to draw in customers.

Not to mention the amount of kitchen engineering services which NWCE provide nationwide. We carry out everything from maintenance and repairs on every type of kitchen equipment. In addition to, fabrication and ventilation services to create the best working environment possible.

To get started with the new kitchen project, make sure you get in touch with NWCE. Our team are ready to get working on your kitchen, no matter if it’s old or new. So to get in touch, simply click here.

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