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How to clean your stainless steel commercial kitchen

Cleaning is a huge part of the commercial kitchen service. And we want to help make that as easy as possible. As a foodservice company who deal with commercial kitchen fabrication, we know that kitchens are created with stainless steel thanks to the easy cleaning and nonporous properties. So we’ve created a quick blog gives you the basics on how to clean your stainless steel kitchen and keep it in the best condition possible. 

Commercial kitchen fabrication

The best way to clean down stainless steel is by using a household washing up liquid mixing in with hot (but not scolding) water. Use a kitchen scourer (the yellow and green ones) soak it in the liquid and with the scourer side down, follow the grain on the worktop. Once you’ve gone over with the soapy scourer, then go over with a hot, wet cloth. 

If you do have a stubborn stain, then you could use a stainless steel cleaner but we would suggest trying to get rid of it with the soapy water and scourer.

However, it’s important to remember that stainless steel is a material that can scratch in parts and it can stain. Our engineers have noticed a lot of staining mainly in sinks, especially in coffee shops and tea houses. The tanin in both those drinks can cause some stainage over time, but again that’s natural! 

There are some key things to avoid when it comes to stainless steel fabricated tops and they include;

  • chlorides 
  • hydrochloric acids 
  • sulphuric acids 

Many of these are found in bleaches, toilet cleaners, or drain unblocking solutions. So be aware of using any of those cleaning solutions around your stainless steel kitchens. 

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If you don’t have a custom stainless steel commercial kitchen and you think it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, get in touch with one of our team today.