Comenda Hubbard Systems | NWCE Catering Engineers
Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB

Comenda Hubbard Systems | NWCE

Comenda is a company who take pride in creating products good enough to brand ‘Made In Italy.’ They have established themselves well amongst other brand leaders, both in Europe and across the world. They are a company who currently manufacturer over 200 different products and different solutions for the problems that occur in the food service and catering industry. These products include glass washers, pass through dishwashers, rack conveyor dishwashers and many accessories.

Comenda is proud to offer their products and services to the smallest and the largest within the foodservice industry. So whether that’s an independent bar or a worldwide airline, Comenda have you covered!

They are also able to create and supply custom-made products, all within their eco-conscious guidelines. All of their products are developed to make sure that their products have a low water and energy consumption. Which in turn makes them a cheap product to run!

In 2017, Commenda had their UK distribution taken over by Hubbard. Hubbard is a company that is part of The Ali Group, just like Commenda themselves. Both companies have made it clear that this won’t affect any of the current business and Hubbard are as committed to providing the best service as Commenda are and have been.