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Do you know the difference between your commercial blenders?

There is a huge amount of catering equipment Greater Manchester out there. It’s crucial that you know which is the best equipment for your commercial catering environment. So this week we will be looking at the different types of commercial blender and which blender would suit your business.

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Kitchen blenders – 

These are the kinds of blenders that have the detachable bodies and tops. They tend to only have the one blade at the bottom of the machine and they have variable controls. These kinds of blenders are perfect for making things like soups, smoothies or even things like pates and smooth sauces. You can get commercial kitchen blenders which are more powerful and have a higher capacity than the domestic counterparts.

Stick blenders – 

Stick blenders are also known as immersion blenders. They’re the blenders that you have to hold and place into whatever you are trying to blend and pulse. The main reason stick blenders are so popular in commercial kitchens as they can be used in situ! This means you don’t have to decant things into the blender head, you can blend/pulse in the pan that you’re cooking in. You can also buy separate attachments to use on the end of the blender which means you can have many other uses than just blending and pulsing.

Bar blenders – 

These blenders are specifically made to be used on a bar/front of house. They’re tailored to making drinks like cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes. They tend to look more aesthetically pleasing that other blenders. They come with a large motor to be able to crush things like ice, chocolate and frozen fruit. They’re easy to take apart and clean and you can buy additional jars to avoid any cross contamination.

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