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Commercial Catering Engineers – which is better; gas or electrical equipment?

Here at North West Catering Engineers, one of the most common questions we get asked from catering companies is which is better, gas or electrical equipment? As commercial catering engineers, our job is to advise business owners like yourself, as each company is different.

What could work for one company, might not necessarily work for another. We understand that trial and error isn’t something that is feasible or cost friendly for many smaller businesses; which is why we have put together this little guide to help you decide what’s best for you!

Gas or Electric Equipment?

Cost is a key factor when it comes to choosing equipment! But you can’t let that make or break your decision.

Electrical equipment will always be cheaper to purchase, as all you need to use it, is an outlet to plug it into. However, gas equipment needs a natural source pipe and it would need to be installed safely. So straight away, it may seem like electric is cheaper…

But when it comes to running the equipment, gas rates (for a larger commercial kitchen) could actually mean it would be cheaper to run and to use than the electric counterparts!

Does that mean that the initial expenditure for gas equipment is worth the savings when it comes to running the kitchen? That’s for you as a company to decide!

Commercial Catering Engineers

When it comes to using the equipment in a commercial catering environment; gas and electric have many pros and cons.

The electric equipment uses heated coils, meaning it takes longer to warm up. However, it holds the hotter temperature for a longer more consistent time compared to gas.

Gas appliances, however, heat up quicker and actually heat to a higher temperature than electric. The knobs will give you more control over the flame and the heat that is being released. This, in turn, will give you more control over the cooking temperature.

The make or break for you as a company could come from whether or not you are mobile. Electrical equipment is much easier to transport, as all you need to use it, again, is just an outlet plug.

North West Catering Engineers

We hope that mini guide has given you some tips on whether gas or electrical appliances would be the best for you! If you do need some more help, feel free to get in contact with us! One of our friendly engineers is always available to have a chat.