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Commercial catering equipment North West – our top kitchen cleaning tips!

You know how the saying goes – cleanliness is next to godliness! All of us here at North West Catering Engineers know that keeping a kitchen clean is as important as keeping your customers happy. And thanks to our years of experience, we’ve been able to come up with a handy guide that you can refer to when you come to cleaning your commercial catering equipment North West! It’s highly recommended that you keep on top of your kitchen cleanliness. The kitchen should be cleaned down after every service and should have a deep clean at least once a week.

Cleaning the dishwasher –

You need to keep your dishwasher clean in order to keep your dishes, cups and cutlery clean. The door and door seals need to be scrubbed down with a multi-purpose cleaner. And if you’re in a hard water area, you need to take this into account and use dishwasher products designed to be used with hard water.

Cleaning surfaces/utensils –

Your surfaces and utensils are in constant use in the kitchen, so they need to be properly cleaned every day to avoid any sort of cross contamination. Be aware of what products you’re using when you’re cleaning down, as they need to be safe to use on food preparation areas. Some cleaning products will leave a chemical residue which can effect food and may not be safe for consumption.

Cleaning the sink –

The sink will constantly be full of water, dirt and more than likely bits of food. So it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. We suggest using a dual-purpose cleaner to make sure you fully get rid of the dirt. As well as disinfect at the same time. Be careful with how much food lingers in the drain. You don’t want it to clog or block the sink, which causes bigger problems in the long run.