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What you need to think about when designing your commercial kitchen!

For many new catering businesses, the kitchen is the single most important element and you need to take time to create a kitchen that works for your business. You’ll need to take into account the space that’s available, your menu and your staff. It’s essential that you factor in movement space as well as equipment space.

Our engineers have years of experience behind them when it comes to catering equipment and we even have a team who specialise in commercial fabrication. Here’s what you’ll need to take into consideration when your planning your commercial kitchen.

Know your space well.

You need to know what space you have to work with to make sure that when you come to list your equipment and kitchen essentials you’re not overfilling your space. It’s worth taking exact measurements and making a note of where doors, windows, fire exits etc are located as well as electrical outlets, water pipes and drains. This way you can place certain appliances and kitchen equipment in specific places.

What equipment do you need?

Not every kitchen will need every kitchen appliance out there. So decide on what are your kitchen appliance essentials, look at your menu to work out what you’ll need and work with the floor plan to see how everything will fit together. Here at NWCE Food Service Equipment, we have a team of engineers who are able to carry out full commercial fabrication jobs. This means that they are able to create a bespoke kitchen setting that ticks all of your boxes and catering needs.

Our fabrication services include the design and manufacture of counters, refrigeration systems, storage solutions and much more.

Don’t forget about the workflow.

When planning out your kitchen, don’t forget that when in use it will be a busy environment. So take into account the workflow and the way that people will be using the kitchen. Creating a successful kitchen should include a space in which the kitchen staff and serving staff can both work in successfully.

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