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Commercial Gas Servicing and Maintenance will save your Catering Business

Commercial Gas Servicing and Maintenance will save your Catering Business

When running a successful catering business it isn’t just ingredients and output which do the heavy lifting. For everything to run smoothly appliances, systems and overall kitchen functionality need to be in check.  This can all be done at once with a simple commercial gas servicing and maintenance service courtesy of NWCE.

Commercial Gas Servicing and Maintenance, as the title says, may just save your catering business. This can apply to many scenarios: meeting health standards, higher-quality output and everything in between. In short, a local gas engineer will ensure everything is running safely and to its highest capacity.

And this is where Bolton’s finest NWCE in, ready for any commercial gas appliance repair services. North West Catering Engineers are ready to carry out gas servicing in your commercial kitchen. In addition to carrying out commercial gas appliance repair and gas installations for kitchens.

What exactly is Gas Servicing?

Gas Servicing is a necessary check-up for both commercial and domestic kitchens. It is used to analyse gas appliances, focusing in on the condition of each appliance. Specifically, this involves cleaning and maintaining the appliance along with analysing how the gas burns.

Our catering gas engineer team don’t just work with appliances. They also work with boilers, cookers, fires and gas heating systems within your kitchen. Normally Gas Servicing should be carried out as often as every year, especially if you are a catering business.

The most helpful services we offer for catering businesses are emergency assistance and gas escapes. Any type of gas leak or malfunction will stop your kitchen dead in its’ tracks if not ruin it completely. Which is exactly why you need to get a NWCE emergency commercial gas engineer on the case ASAP.

NWCE Gas Installations for Kitchens

Gas Installations for Kitchens sound hard enough in the first place, hence why it’s important that this is done professionally. First and foremost gas installations aren’t the type of kitchen chore you can do by yourself.  So leave this to our team have all of the necessary accreditations, just see by clicking here.

The NWCE consists of many different kitchen specialists, with our gas engineers having the experience to tackle any appliance. For you, this means that each one of your gas appliances will be installed and ready to run at full capacity.

Before leaving our team will ensure that every box in the gas servicing test is ticked. This will immediately safety proof your appliance to keep your kitchen safe.

How a lack of Gas Servicing will affect your business

So, how exactly will this affect your catering business in the long-term? Firstly, checking your gas appliances is very likely to immediately improve the quality of food. If it has been a long time between checks then your appliance will definitely receive a new lease of life.

This is because excess can build up and affect the gas pressure or safety devices within the appliance. Our commercial gas engineers will then be called-out to your kitchen to mend these appliance issues. Unfortunately there is nothing to stop breakdowns and faults, however, frequent cleans will prevent this.

If this isn’t done, your appliance will be more likely to experience an aforementioned gas emergency. Specifically, if you smell gas it is vital that you get in contact with a NWCE emergency commercial gas engineer. Thankfully our emergency assistance service is 24/7 meaning that no matter the time of day we will fix the problem. 

Commercial Gas Appliance Repair

A huge part of Commercial Gas Servicing and Maintenance will be Commercial Gas Appliance Repair services. Not only can breakdowns with gas appliances be dangerous, but they can happen at any time, both concerning. With simple repairs revolving around functionality, NWCE thankfully have in-depth knowledge of our appliances.

We recommend getting even the smallest faults resolved before they turn into a bigger problem. In the long term this will definitely be saving you money and making your work place an easier place to work with. NWCE look for the most reasonable solutions instead of costly stopgaps.

Emergencies are handled much differently, as our team will be available as soon as possible for those in and around Bolton. An emergency commercial gas engineer team will to mend any leaks or outbreaks safely and ensuring it won’t happen again. With 24/7 breakdown services, you will never have to worry about gas outbreaks again. 

A Typical Commercial Gas Servicing Job

There is a list of things your local catering gas engineer will analyse during a servicing job. The most basic which you may not even consider is checking if the controls work. It is important to know that the most common faults occur because of this simple error.

After the basics, a registered gas engineer will check pipelines and flow lines are clear. Being followed by reviewing each component, flues, and combustion releases. All of this will allow an engineer to review the pressure and flows around the appliance.

The final stage is the electrical connections and seeing if they work. This will determine whether the appliance and safety devices within are all in check and suitable for use.

NWCE Gas Engineers

For our local Northwest customers, NWCE are here to help with commercial gas servicing and maintenance. For many years NWCE have been in the kitchen engineering industry, ensuring our customers are in the safest hands. We have been covering 24/7 breakdowns, installations, repairs and much more during our time in our industry.

Boasting a team of commercial gas engineers has meant that we can mend any kitchen gas issue. Alternatively, being able to put a system in place so you never have to worry about your safety. Fortunately for you, NWCE cover bakery, catering, fabrication, refrigeration and ventilation.

For any enquiries or questions about NWCE’s services, contact our team. No matter the issue our team will have a swift solution for the betterment of your kitchen. Speak with one of our team by clicking here.






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