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Commercial Kitchen CAD Design

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Why NWCE For commercial kitchen design?

The initial design of a commercial can be a really long process, however, NWCE like to make this easier by  using CAD Software for commercial kitchen design. Making us able to professionally plan your kitchen.

Our kitchen planning is done through mock-ups using the CAD design program and sketches to show you exactly what it looks like. CAD Software aims to bring your 2D Kitchen Design Layouts into 3D using the most accurate visuals.

CAD Kitchen Software makes renovation easy

These aim to make a commercial kitchen design and installation perfect before even identifying specifics. However, this is only part of NWCE’s thorough and precise design planning cycle.

So, who exactly is NWCE and what services do they provide? Well, we are a commercial kitchen and appliance company that aim to make commercial kitchen renovations easy. Our Commercial Kitchen CAD Design services are the best way of finalising the ideal design for your kitchen.

Let’s Begin your kitchen design today


Our CAD Designers will put together your vision.

We’re able and ready to get started on your commercial kitchen project no matter how big or small. Using Commercial CAD Designs our team will be able to put together a replica of your vision. This way, we expect that your kitchen’s output will certainly improve due to NWCE’s hard work.

So, the only way to get started is to get in touch with the NWCE team. With a huge workforce consisting of specialists in each department, we definitely have the people for the job. To get in touch now, simply click here.

An Overview of the Kitchen Design Process

To begin your kitchen project, you quite simply have to get in touch with our catering consultants. You outline exactly what you intend your catering kitchen to be and any important specifications. Then, from here we can set up a free quotation and site survey for the consultants to get a better idea of what we need to plan.

Following this, preliminary hand sketched layout designs will be put together. When these have been tweaked and developed our consultants will turn the sketch from 2D to 3D. After this, the Design and Budget will need to be finalised so we can continue with the project.

Kitchens Designs 2D to 3D

Then, once your Commercial Kitchen CAD Design is complete, your kitchen plan will be brought to life from here, thanks to our installation team.

Additionally, when it comes to Installations, NWCE cover catering equipment also covers, refrigeration appliances, and ventilation systems. 

What is CAD Software for Commercial Kitchen Design?

Our Free Commercial Kitchen Design CAD Software services take everything relating to your commercial kitchen into consideration. This begins as simple as appliances, layout, and overall use of space. Whilst, considering electrical safety, gas safety, waste and water usage for the safety and affordability of your kitchen.


By using hyper-realistic visuals, our designers will be able to build a digital version of your kitchen. The production of a 3D plan is the best way to judge the design and appearance you will achieve.

If your unsure on what you need , just ask our team. We have plenty of sources of inspiration.

To sum up, we think Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation go hand in hand, so should be planned together. With NWCE this is a whole lot easier as we can cover the whole job for any commercial kitchen project.

All you need to know about Commercial Kitchen CAD Design UK

Commercial CAD Software will play a huge role in bringing to life your desired kitchen design. Each commercial kitchen is different and fortunately our team work with unique commercial kitchens each day. We are ready to carry out your project!
Read all about our Projects & Design Process and exactly what our Catering Design Consultants can do for you.

Kitchen Layout

Experiment with the many different kitchen layouts using our specialist software. These are the Island Style, Assembly Line Layout and Zone-Style, so pick the one which brings the most ease to your kitchen.

Food Preparation Areas

Set your Food Preparation Areas up for success before they are even installed. With our help you will be able to see exactly how to bring organisation to your most hectic workspace in the kitchen.

Temperature Control

Work out exactly how the temperature controls will work within your kitchen. Our software will highlight air flow, fluctuations and to highlight which areas should be which temperature.

Storage Areas

Our commercial catering kitchen design team will plan your kitchen with maxisimisng storage space in mind. Using CAD Software we can use the layout and different storage units to achieve this.

Safety Regulations

Using a proffesional kitchen planner like CAD means you will deliver on any legalalities for commercial kitchen. We will plan a kitchen design Guidelines and ensure you comply with all Commercial Kitchen Requirements in the UK.

Kitchen Equipment

Our CAD kitchen design ideas will also identify the essential appliances and kitchen equipment that requires for any specifc catering requirements. We plan for what you will need and exactly where each appliance is going to be place to optimise space and efficiency.

Food Service Area

Craft the perfect Food Service Area which will be the most hygienic and organised place in your kitchen, ready to send the food out to customers. CAD Software will give you a clear idea of how this important section will function.


Our installation team has all the knowledge needed to tackle your kitchen. They are able to install an extensive range of catering equipment belonging to different brands. If you’d like to see what brands and products we can supply, you can read our list of manufacturers here.

UK Coverage for Help with Commercial Kitchen Guidelines