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Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation at NWCE

When designing a commercial kitchen it is nowhere near as simple as your typical domestic kitchen. With so many different considerations having to be precisely planned out, our team looks to prevent this. NWCE carries out Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation services across the UK mainland.

If you don’t have the experience designing layouts, shopping for commercial appliances, and safety checking. Then it will be an NWCE Commercial Kitchen Designer who will make sure this project goes smoothly. In short, they will be the guiding light in making sure your commercial kitchen reaches its full potential.

If you aren’t familiar with us, NWCE is a kitchen engineering company who have gained a reputation for kitchen design projects. We excel in the bakery, catering, fabrication, refrigeration, and ventilation departments, offering only the ideal solutions to your kitchen. This is because we are fortunate to work with huge kitchen brands, like Hobart and Rational.

How do Commercial Kitchens excel?

There are many things to be taken into account when planning a successful commercial kitchen. Organisation applies across the board, from how you choose to store supplies to the general layout. Streamlining storage is the least effective way to do this as you need the tools for the job, however, the simpler the better.

For restaurants and catering companies, the best type of planning you could do is to have an established menu. This is due to how easy it is to buy every kind of appliance, instead of exactly what you need. Ask yourself questions such as: how much will I use this machine? Before investing heavily.

On this note, the best advice for output and quality is to cook in bulk. Invest wisely by either paying extra for more capacity or an appliance that does more than one job. This is made all the more necessary in a busier catering environment.

Considerations for your Design

When it comes to working with an NWCE commercial kitchen designer there will be many factors taken into account. Based on the dimensions of the kitchen it is important to first pick an appropriate layout. The three main types are assembly line, island, and zone-style, each splitting up your kitchen in different ways.

Since the layout has been established it will now be time to pick out appliances and their specific models. Both online and in our Bolton showroom, our range of appliances have been chosen specifically with cost-efficiency in mind. Here we have commercial catering equipment, commercial refrigeration appliances, and commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Temperature Control, Ventilation, and Air Flow will be what keep your kitchen alive and well. Thankfully there is very little you have to know or worry about as our engineers can handle this. Planning the ideal system which fits your budget and best ventilates your workspace. 

Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation at NWCE

The number of downsides of poor kitchen installations is endless, and despite kitchen owners having rights, it’s a hassle. So, pause the clueless DIY job and allow our team to install your appliances and systems properly. NWCE aims to save both your time and money by quickly yet professionally installing appliances.

Best of all, NWCE takes health and safety accreditation very seriously, hence why our team is both electric and gas trained. This means that you won’t be calling us back due to any dangerous faults and that your appliances will be there to stay. However, this will be another job for your NWCE commercial kitchen designer.

Additionally, we also have a 24/7 breakdown service if you need a team to fix up your old kitchen. No matter what time it is, our engineers can fix everything from small faults to breakdowns. Thus, meaning you never have to worry about your kitchen when our team are nearby!

Specialists in more than one area

NWCE provides bakery, catering, fabrication, refrigeration, and ventilation appliances and services across the UK. Our team is able to cater to specialist kitchens to ensure all the essentials and more are there.

A scheduled service regime will be the perfect way to make sure that your kitchen, old or new is in check. This means everything from safety to feasibility is covered, making sure your kitchen is ready to go.

Keeping on top of your kitchen will see the best returns which is why NWCE offer so much. Maintenance, Repairs and Sales, NWCE cover every basis by covering the whole kitchen project. Down to the specific model, designs and even required functionality of your new commercial kitchen appliances.

Contact Us for Commercial Kitchen Design

NWCE provide Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation to kitchens, old and new across the UK. This will be the ideal way for you to set your kitchen up for success, without paying extortionate prices. Appliances aren’t always the full story, which is especially the case with the big brands.

Get in contact with the NWCE team, so a commercial kitchen designer can get started on designing your kitchen.

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