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Commercial Kitchen Design & Foodservice Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Design & Foodservice Equipment

Upgrading your Commercial Food Service Equipment will do your restaurant kitchen wonders. Old, rusty kitchen appliances and equipment will not only hinder but ruin your customer’s dining experience. On the contrary, modernising your kitchen will modernise the experience, improving dishes and your kitchen staff performances.

Being a Commercial Restaurant Equipment Supplier, NWCE specialise in supplying and installing Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment. Our kitchen engineers will be able to help you throughout the whole process and help your catering service increase profit!

No matter if you are a start-up catering business or an established high-end restaurant. Kitchens need a range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment, from bakery equipment, catering equipment, refrigeration and kitchen ventilation.

And were able to work with any budget, NWCE are here to help planning, installing and maintaining your dream kitchen. Available for free measurements, professional advice and more to help the whole process a whole lot easier for you

Commercial Food Service Equipment

The Bolton Showroom has many different bakery, catering, fabrication, refrigeration and ventilation services and equipment on offer, and we aim to showcase and deliver

  • Every restaurant owner’s priority will be to constantly look to improve reputation. Above all else, reputation will be constructed based on food quality – so the pressure is on your equipment. Modern Appliances have more benefits than ever, in more than just performance.
  • In relation to being a cost-effective investment, many modern appliances aim to save you money – being energy efficient. These make them a much smarter investment, saving you money on gas and electric, as well as time and money.
  • Design also plays a massive role in benefitting your choice of splashing the cash on a modern appliance. Simplicity being a luxury in a hectic commercial kitchen, faulty appliances only adding to a stressful situation. As well as being convenient for workers, new designs mean improved durability and longevity.
  • Although maintenance may be more high maintenance, manufacturers will be adamant to make their products stand the test of time.
  • Performance is where you will get the returns on your investment. Newer models will have advantages, such as faster cooking speed and minimal supervision needed, conveniences in a commercial kitchen. This will mean you, in theory, will be able to get more dishes to customers much quicker. Being a factor in increasing your restaurant’s reputation amongst the locals.

Here at NWCE Food Service Equipment, we understand that your Restaurant Kitchen can come under serious amounts of stress. Therefore, we only supply the best and most reliable equipment on the market! And, we cover all aspects of a fully functional catering kitchen:


NWCE have all you need for your bakery needs, having different mixers, ovens and storage/ display units for cafes, local bakeries and many more locations. You are truly spoilt for choice for different appliances. Having planetary mixers perfect for delicious desserts and finishing touches and spiral mixers being able to mix the dough. Oven-wise, have convection and deck ovens for bread, pastries, pies and more. On top of this, there are also toasters available, for breakfast dishes. And with Snack Chillers, there really is everything you need for a café!


Everything from your standard Combination Ovens to Bain Marie’s to Pizza Ovens comes under Commercial Restaurant Equipment.  NWCE are a Commercial Restaurant Equipment Supplier for both start-up and established catering companies alike.

There are many different Cookers and Grills for different kitchen environments, but especially commercial kitchens. Commercial Fryers are ideal for takeaways, different ovens for restaurants and wok cookers and more to provide a unique kitchen experience. Even washing is no longer a problem, having a wonderful range of dishwashers, ideal for a busy kitchen environment.


Working in different kitchens, our engineers can work with many different materials to give your kitchen the desired fabrication. The fabrications have worked in many different kitchen environments, cramped and large, so no request is too much. Installing Commercial Food Service Equipment can be hard, but making it last is even harder!

We are able to work around faults and outdated kitchens to ensure your kitchen is safely up and running.


For both display and storage, we of course have much different refrigeration equipment, covering freezers, refrigerators and everything in between. Chest freezers, display freezers, walk-in chillers and much more! The Maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration Systems is the most important factor for any refrigeration appliances and being a commercial kitchen company.

NWCE will identify the Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Service, which is needed to provide it at the most reasonable price.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation is always best left for the professionals, as the right tools and knowledge will be needed. This will keep your commercial kitchen as the hygienic environment you know it as.

NWCE never compromise on safety, so our ventilation maintenance team will be able to remove all of the harmful excess from your kitchen to keep your commercial kitchen as a working environment.

North West Catering Engineers

Our team guarantee that you make a sound, reliable investment, with the luxury of us having the most affordable prices. Not to mention, our extensive experience means we can provide a maintenance and service plan tailored to both your kitchen and your budget. These range from one-off services to a planned programme of regular maintenance visits.

We’re here to help you cook up a storm whilst keeping your running costs to a minimum!

With our vast experience within the Commercial Food Service Equipment market, NWCE as a company have also devised several different service plans to suit your kitchen needs. These range from one-off services a year to multi-visit services, depending on your kitchen requirements and site-specific budgets.

So, why not benefit from our growing reputation for excellence? Our highly-qualified electronics, electrical and gas engineers have an impeccable record when it comes to first-time fixes and fault finding, right down to component level, saving you time, money and hassle.

The Bolton-based NWCE, the Commercial Restaurant Equipment Supplier, will help improve your restaurant kitchen.

Nationwide our catering engineers enhance our customer’s commercial kitchens by providing top-of-the-range Commercial Food Service Equipment to impress your customers. Contact our Commercial Kitchen Equipment team here.


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