Commercial Extraction & Ventilation

Commercial Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation

Why do commercial kitchens need a ventilation system?

As an integral part of any commercial kitchen, a ventilation system needs to be powerful and efficient enough to remove heat, grease and potentially harmful gasses. Your ventilation system is there to make sure your business is a safe and comfortable place to work in.

No matter how big or small your kitchen, we can provide a range of services to deliver great ventilation. These services start from designing and installation to maintenance and repair. Whether you need a complete duct work extraction and ventilation system, or just a simple fan and fan speed controller. We can also provide you with a gas safety interlock. This shuts off the gas supply to your appliances if your canopy extraction or in-air supply fail.

To find out more please visit the Health and Safety Executive page on Gas Safety.

There are many reasons to have a good ventilation system with an extraction canopy and fresh air supply in any commercial kitchen. We know that commercial kitchen working hours are long, and during these shifts there are many gas operation appliances work in kitchens. The ventilation systems help to provide comfortable working conditions for staff.

Commercial Extraction & Ventilation, North West

How does a ventilation system work in a commercial kitchen?

Ventilation systems are mainly designed to serve big kitchens due to the production of lots of heat, grease and some harmful gasses like carbon monoxide. The ventilation system works to remove all the harmful dirt, air and gasses from the kitchen to provide fresh air to the working staff in the kitchens of restaurants, public houses, nightclubs, schools, institutes and bars.
Commercial Extraction, North West

North West Catering Engineers understands your concern about having a good ventilation system in your industrial kitchen. We offer a range of services for good ventilation like fans, fan speed controller and gas safety interlock replacement and repair to the design, fabrication and installation of complete ductwork extraction and ventilation systems.

For a new kitchen installment, we set up a gas safety interlock. Which means this interlock cuts off the gas supply to appliances when canopy extraction or air in supply fails.


How do we ensure you get the best ventilation system?

At North West Catering Engineers, we never compromise on safety. Having a trusted ventilation system is a basic need for any commercial kitchen. When you hire us to set up a suitable ventilation system, we allocate a dedicated engineer for you.  Your enquiry will be handled by a single member of our team from start to finish. From initial consultation and pricing, through to installation and commissioning, we will give your project the dedicated attention it deserves.

So give us call now to get the right ventilation system set up for your commercial kitchen requirements.

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