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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Regulations August

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Regulations

Within the Food Service Industry, adequate ventilation within commercial kitchens isn’t only crucial for your staff and customers, but it is also a legal requirement. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require employers to provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace. Commercial Kitchen Extraction Regulations in 2024 have become increasingly stringent, so reflect a growing emphasis on safety, environmental responsibility, and public health.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Regulations need ventilation to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Catering and cooking can produce significant amounts of fumes and vapours, as well as large amounts of heat. Due to this, food establishments require canopy hoods for safe extraction.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction systems are designed to be able to serve both commercial kitchens and catering environments. Kitchen extraction or ventilation systems are a must-have in commercial kitchens and are legal requirements.

The environment in commercial kitchen has to be very controlled to guarantee the health and safety of everyone. If there is lack of an extraction system. The heat, smoke, and toxic gases from combustion processes circulate in that area. Furthermore, spread to other sections of the building.

At NWCE Food Service Equipment, we never compromise on safety. Our engineers are able to work with you through every step of your ventilation systems, from the very beginning of fabrication and manufacturing  all the way to installing and carrying out regular services and maintenance on the extraction system. So it is vital that a trusted ventilation and kitchen extraction system is in place for any commercial kitchen, regarding what sector you work in.

extraction systems for Catering Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Extraction systems are for restaurants, hotels, prisons, bars, schools, universities etc. Essentially these are needed anywhere with a commercial kitchen. They are designed to trap the cooking fumes from the cooking area. This will then discharge to the outside of the building.

Additionally, at the heart of any extraction system is the canopy; also known as a cooker hood.  These sit over the cooking areas and incorporates grease filters, grease collection draws, ducting, fans and speed controllers. Therefore, canopy hoods need to be effective and ensure the removal of cooking fumes.

Due to this, Commercial Kitchen Extraction Regulations state that the canopies need to be a suitable size and have effective extraction to do this efficiently. As a result, there should be a canopy hood for every appliance that generates heat, and is close to the source. In addition, the airflow into the canopy should be constant. 

A Fresh Start for your Kitchen Ventilation

It should be noted that the design of canopies and ductwork must be made from material that discourages dirt, grease and condensation. Plus, grease filters must be easy to remove. 

Most importantly, your kitchens safety is paramount to us at NWCE Foodservice Equipment. Therefore, all of our engineers are Gas Safe trained and accredited so you have peace of mind when it comes to us carrying out your work. For more information about all of our accreditations, please click HERE.

Here at NWCE all our engineers are professional extraction system installers who understand the design, performance, and capacity of your ventilation system to ensure adequate ventilation. Therefore, when you hire us to set up a suitable ventilation system, we allocate a dedicated engineer for you. Your inquiry will be handled by a single member of our team from start to finish.


Want to know more about effective kitchen ventilation system? They are designed to:
Remove cooking fumes from the source as well as hot air, to bring in cool, clean air. Prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulating and provide a comfortable working environment for employees.
Additionally, it must be easy to clean, quiet and vibration free. Plus avoiding build-up of fat residues and blocked inlets, which lead to loss of efficiency and increase in fire. Importantly, maintain and ensure air movement in the kitchen doesn’t cause discomfort for employees.
Navigating commercial kitchen extraction regulations in 2024 requires a comprehensive understanding of evolving standards and requirements. From ventilation and energy efficiency to fire safety and emissions control, compliance with these regulations is essential. This is specifically for safeguarding the health and safety of kitchen staff, patrons, and the environment.

You also need to take into account of the ventilation system design. Such as: 

  • How much cooking will be done and the amount of cooking equipment used.
  • The layout and shape of the kitchen
  • Number of kitchen staff
  • Maintenance and how easy it is to clean 
So give us call today to get the right commercial extraction and ventilation system set up for your commercial kitchen requirements. Call us on 0161 764 8688 or email [email protected]